Interoperability with a Broad Ecosystem of Products can add Significant Value

by Parks Associates | Jun. 9, 2016

Recent Parks Associates research finds that nearly 20% of U.S. broadband households own a smart home device, with over 40% planning to purchase one this year. With adoption rates for smart home devices increasing, the need for those products to work seamlessly together, and among a broad ecosystem of products, has become vital.

Parks Associates and Appliance Design have partnered together to co-cost a complimentary industry webcast on June 22 called “IoT Mass Market Adoption” that analyzes the ease of use and interoperability impact on adoption rate of connected products and looks at new ways companies are addressing ease of use and interoperability across converging ecosystems to create a seamless experience for consumers.

Specific areas that will be addressed include:

  • Whole product solutions
  • Connected kitchen use cases
  • Application layer interoperability standards

Speakers on the webcast include:

  • Doug Bellenger, Vice President, Products, Zonoff;
  • Art Lancaster, Community Director, AllSeen Alliance;
  • Mike Richmond, Executive Director, Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF);
  • Mark Wright, Director of Partnerships and Evangelization, Ayla Networks;
  • Tom Kerber, Director of Research, Home Controls and Energy, Parks Associates will moderate the discussion.

Following the webcast, download a complimentary copy of the slide deck and audio from the event by clicking here.

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