Thursday, September 15, 2022

Streamer eyes yardage as 68% of US households watch NFL

The extent of the opportunity for the soon to be announced NFL+ app, which opens the possibility that all games in America’s most popular sport, could be streamed direct-to-consumer, has been revealed by research from Parks Associates.

That said, Parks noted that some fans have been frustrated with the viewing experience in the preseason.

“The NFL+ service included out-of-market preseason games but viewable only on mobile devices," said Parks Associates senior contributing analyst Eric Sorensen. “Now, with the start of the NFL season, many fans are frustrated with local blackouts on the service. An NFL+ subscription does not guarantee access to every game, but Twitter reactions show the NFL must do a better job of informing fans of the extent and limitations of the product.”

From the article, "Streamer eyes yardage as 68% of US households watch NFL." 

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