The biggest impact will come from transition of fee-for-service to pay-for-performance: TPMG

by Parks Associates | Sep. 2, 2016

Before the Connected Health Summit, we sat down with Richard Fury, formerly with TPMG Tech Group, to talk about his thoughts on the connected health market:

What’s new in 2016 that keeps you upbeat/optimistic about the connected health market?

Shift in strategy from remote monitoring to engagement.

What’s the most effective strategy/approach you have seen that engages consumers for health and wellness behavioral changes?

Transactions as incentives for patients/consumers engagement.

What do you anticipate to happen in 2017-2018 that would have the biggest impact on the connected health market?

By far the biggest impact will be from the transition of Fee-for-Service to Pay-for-Performance.

Richard spoke on the Connected Health Summit session "Innovative Devices for Consumer Care" on September 1, 2016. Other panelists included AliveCor, Nokia, Philips, and Qualcomm Life.

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