Monday, April 10, 2017

What Marketers Can Learn About Compelling Characters And Engaging Content From WrestleMania

WWE engages its fan base in multiple media with engaging content. According to Stephanie McMahon, chief brand officer, “We have five hours of live content on USA Network every single week, 52 weeks a year. No off-season, no re-runs. It's an opportunity to keep our fans engaged and never let them off the hook because our storylines continue all year long. And we now have almost two million subscribers on the WWE Network. It is the fifth largest OTT service in the United States and it is the second highest ranked by Parks Associates Net Promoter Score, behind only Netflix. From there, we have our social media platforms and we create original content for those platforms and continue to drive consumer engagement. We currently have over 750 million social media followers. We're the number one sports channel on YouTube, beating FIFA, NFL, NBA, and MLB with 12 billion views over the past 12 months. We're the number two most followed sports brand on Facebook and Instagram, behind only FIFA. And we trend on Twitter every single week. By creating content for those different platforms and allowing our superstars themselves, which are their own individual brands, to engage and interact with our consumers, it gives our audience the chance to consume the content anytime, anywhere on any device. Then you consider our 500 live events which we have throughout the year, where WWE comes to life for our consumers, giving them the opportunity to engage live in a completely different manner. You're never going to see Batman or Thor or any of those heroes in real life, but WWE superstars are real life heroes, and fans can come and participate in that.”

From the article "What Marketers Can Learn About Compelling Characters And Engaging Content From WrestleMania" by John Elliot.

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