Digital Video Security Cameras

Digital Video Security Cameras compiles data from multiple surveys to present a comprehensive analysis of the market for networked security cameras, including current adopters, top brands, and the impact of new remote-management services.

“Many network security cameras owners are intrigued by a bundle of services that include a camera but may well extend to energy management and lighting control. The market for network security cameras is in transition as broadband and security providers expand their home management services.” - John Barrett, Director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates

Parks Associates' Connected Home Systems & Services research service analyzes the market for home management systems and services, including security, energy, and controls.

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Connected Home Systems & Services: Digital Video Security Cameras

About the Research

Previous Research

Key Conclusions


Trending Data & Overview

Networked Security Camera Adoption (2009-2012)

Networked Security Camera Ownership by Home Size/Age (Q1/12)

Networked Security Camera Purchase (2007-2011)

Purchase Location (2010-2011)

Purchase Location by Type of Purchase (Q1/12)

Purchase Cost of Networked Security Cameras (2010-2011)

Purchase Cost by Home Size (Q1/12)

Networked Security Camera Brands Purchased (2011-2012)

Networked Security Camera Purchase Intention (2011-2012)

Purchase Intention by Home size/Age(Q1/12)

Intended Networked Security Camera Brands (2011-2012)

Top Networked Security Camera Features (2011-2012)

Networked Security Camera Usage (2010-2012)

Length of Use for Networked Security Cameras (2010-2011)

Reasons to log-in Networked Security Camera by Usage (Q1/02)

Usage by Children At Home (Q1/12)

Net Promoter Score  (NPS) (2009 vs. 2011)

NPS Score by Camera Cost/Type of Adoption (Q1/12)

Network Security Cameras and Home Systems

Networked Security Camera Adoption with Home Systems (Q1/12)

Networked Security Camera Adoption and Home Systems by Home Size (Q1/12)

Networked Security Camera Only by Age/Gender (Q1/12)

Purchase Intention by Ownership/Home Systems (Q1/12)

Networked Security Camera Features by Home Systems (Q1/12)

Triggers for Networked Security Camera Use by Home Systems (Q1/12)

Security Cameras & Home Control Systems

Use of Home Control System (Q1/12)

Home Control System (Q1/12)

Most Useful Home Control Features For Security Camera (Q1/12)

Installation of Home Control System (Q1/12)

Satisfaction With the Installation Process (Q1/12)

Interest in Home Control from Mobile Phones (Q1/12)

Security Cameras & Home Security Systems

Use of a Home Security System (2010-2012)

 Home Security Features (Q1/12)

Important Home Security Features (Q1/12)

Top Desired Home Security Features (Q1/12)

Appendix - Demographic/Technographic Profiles

Networked Security Camera Ownership/Purchase Intention by Demographics/Technographics (Q1/12)

Networked Security Camera Ownership/Purchase Intention by Home Information (Q1/12)

Networked Security Camera Usage by Demographics/Technographics (Q1/12)

Networked Security Camera Usage by Home Information (Q1/12)

Publish Date: 2Q 2012

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Authored By:
John Barrett - Director of Consumer Analytics
Yilan Jiang - Director

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