The Security Dealer Perspective

The Security Dealer Perspective presents Parks Associates' latest survey of security system installers and their views on market changes including the introduction of interactive services and the entry of broadband providers into the space. It also extensively profiles their sales, installations, and other business activities.

“Dealers and installers play a key role in the market for home security systems and have an up-close view of market changes. Their views provide insight into the how the market is evolving and how quickly consumers will adopt the new interactive services offered by traditional players and new entrants like Comcast and AT&T."
      - John Barrett, Director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates

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The Security Dealer Perspective

About the Research

Previous Research

Key Findings



Survey Participants’ Position (Q2/12)

Role in Choosing Security System Hardware (Q2/12)

Role in Choosing Security Monitoring Service Provider (Q2/12)

2011 Total Annual Sales (Q2/12)

Average Price of Basic Security System (Q2/12)

Changes in Annual Sales: 2010 vs. 2011 vs. 2012 (Q2/12)

Awareness of Security Dealers Going Out of Business (Q2/12)

Installation Location (Q2/12)

Percent of Installation in Single Family Residence vs. MDU (Q2/12)

Professional Monitoring Service

Offering Professional Monitoring Services (Q2/12)

Professionally Monitored Security System (Q2/12)

Average Monthly Monitoring Cost per Customer (Q2/12)

Average Contract Term of Monitoring Services (Q2/12)

Type of Monitoring Service Offered (Q2/12)

Average Monthly Service Charge to 3rd Party Company per Customer (Q2/12)

Percent of Monthly Cost Representing Monitoring Service Cost (Q2/12)

Communication Technology for Monitoring Alerts (Q2/12)

Average Cost of Monitoring Alert to Communication Provider (Q2/12)

Number of Months Covering Monitoring Service Installation Cost (Q2/12)

Remote Monitoring and Control Service

Offering Remote Monitoring and Control Service (Q2/12)

Type of Security System Installed (Q2/12)

Residential System Installation (Q2/12)

Top Reasons for Providing Remote Monitoring Service (Q2/12)

Average Monthly Cost for Remote Monitoring Service per Subscriber (Q2/12)

Valuable Monitoring Features (Q2/12)

Average Price of Remote Monitoring Equipment (Q2/12)

Number of Months To Break-Even on Installation, Monitoring & Remote Control Service (Q2/12)

Expected Changes in Remote Control Equipment Sales: 2012 vs. 2011 (Q2/12)

Security System Installed With Remote Monitoring and Control Service (Q2/12)

Likelihood of Offering Remote Monitoring Service to Basic Security Package (Q2/12)

Security Hardware and Features

Preferred Security Panel Brands (Q2/12)

Preferred IP Security Panel Brands (Q2/12)

Security System Features Offered (Q2/12)

Preferred Security System Features (Q2/12)

Business Challenges & Opportunities

Negative Feedback in Selling Security Systems (Q2/12)

Attitudes Towards New Entrants (Q2/12)

Most Valuable Opportunities for Company (Q2/12)

Impact of Self-Monitored Security System on the Business (Q2/12)

Challenges to the Business (Q2/12)

Breakdown of Total Revenue (Q2/12)

Publish Date: 4Q 2012

Slides: 64

Authored By:
John Barrett - Director of Consumer Analytics
Yilan Jiang - Director

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