Digitally Fit: Healthy Living and Connected Devices

Digitally Fit: Healthy Living and Connected Devices analyzes the use of digital health and wellness technologies, including online services, smartphone and tablet apps, and stand-alone digital devices. It provides detailed profiles of the consumers using these technologies down to the level of specific apps and device categories.

"A robust market is emerging for digital devices and services that help consumers stay healthy. The core of it is young consumers who are comfortable with technology and want to leverage technology for diet, exercise, and other health activities."
   - John Barrett, Director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates

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Digitally Fit: Healthy Living and Connected Devices

About the Research

Previous Research

Key Findings


Overview of Fitness and Wellness

Perceived Personal Health Status (Q4/12)

Personal Lifestyle Choices (Q4/12)

Health Oriented Activities Over Last 3 Months (Q2/12)

Average Frequency of Health-Oriented Activities by Age (Q2/12)

Use of Digital Devices and Services

Use of Digital Devices/Services to Maintain Health

Health Related Websites Visited (Q2/12)

Demographic Profile of Consumers Using Health-Related Websites

Non-Users of Health-Related Websites by Income (Q4/12)

Healthcare Device Ownership (Q4/12)

Stand Alone Health Care Devices Owned and Used (Q1/13)

Demographic Profile of Consumers Using Stand Alone Digital Health Devices

Use of Stand-Alone Digital Health Devices by Income (Q1/13)

Brand of Digital Fitness Tracker Used (Q1/13)

Company Used to Purchase Devices (Q1/13)

Places Devices were Purchased (Q1/13)

Apps Used to Manage Fitness (Q1/13)

Demographic Profile of Consumers Using Fitness Apps

Use of Fitness Apps by Age (Q1/13)

Health Services/Activities (Q1/13)

Methods of Participation in Health Activities (Q1/13)

Use of Online Tools/Apps to Participate in Health Activities (Q1/13)

Demographic Profile of Consumers Using Self-Help Tools or Apps

Participation in Health Programs Using Online Self-Help Tools by Age (Q1/13)

Communicate Online with Care Professionals by Gender (Q1/13)

Demographic Profile of Consumers Who Communicate with Care Professionals Online

Publish Date: 1Q 2013

Slides: 61

Authored By:
Yilan Jiang - Director
John Barrett - Director of Consumer Analytics

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