TV Channel & Network App Users

TV Channel & Network App Users analyzes apps designed to complement the viewing of specific TV programs and channels. It gauges the adoption of such apps within the context of second-screen activities in general and the use cases driving adoption. The report also highlights differences in usage for specific apps and which apps have garnered the highest satisfaction levels.

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TV Channel & Network App Users

About the Research

Previous Research

Key Findings


Rise of the Apps

Smartphone & Tablet Adoption (2009-2013)

Smartphone or Tablet Ownership (Q1/13)

Percentage of Broadband Households Connecting CE Devices to the Internet (2010 - 2013)

Using Apps by Platforms (Q3/12)

Smartphones and Tablets as TV Companions

Second-screen Activities on Smartphones/Tablets (Q1/13)

Use of Smartphone/Tablet App: App vs. Web Browser (Q1/13)

2nd Screen Smartphone App Usage (Q3/12)

2nd Screen Tablet App Usage (Q3/12)

Monthly Use of Smartphone Apps by Age (Q2/12)

Monthly Use of Tablet Apps by Age (Q2/12)

Program/Channel-Specific Apps

Use of Program/Channel Apps (Q1/13)

Program/Channel App Usage by Age (Q2/13)

Program/Channel Apps: Sports App Usage (Q1/13)

Frequency of Program/Channel App Use (Q1/13)

Frequency of Program/Channel App Use  by Age (Q1/13)

Monthly Usage by App (Q2/13)

Activities Engaged in Using TV Show Application (Q1/13)

Program/Channel App Activities by App (Q2/13)

Program/Channel App Activities by App, Continued (Q2/13)

Program/Channel App Activities by App, Continued (Q2/13)

Program/Channel App Activities by App, Continued (Q2/13)

Open-Ended Comments on Program/Channel Apps (Q2/13)

Satisfaction with Program/Channel Apps (Q1/13)

Satisfaction With Program/Channel Apps by App (Q2/13)

Appeal of Program/Channel Apps (Q1/13)

Appeal of Program/Channel by Age (Q2/13)

Appeal of Program/Channel Apps (Q2/13)

Likelihood of Using TV Apps That Contain Less Advertising (Q1/13)

Publish Date: 2Q 2013

Slides: 54

Authored By:
Yilan Jiang - Director
John Barrett - Director of Consumer Analytics

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