IoT Connectivity in Europe: Value of Connected Products

In this report, Parks Associates focuses on European companies that are bringing value to their customers by “smart-enabling” or connecting their traditionally non-connected products in order to provide additional features and better experiences. Products such as doors, windows, boilers, fans, vacuums, lawnmowers, and blinds/shutters are pairing with cloud services. From this pairing, manufacturers learn feature use and frequency of use data. Many companies, however, are uncertain of the benefits of connecting traditionally un-connected products. This begs the question, how long can a company wait to offer 'smart' in its products before competitive disadvantage occurs? The report examines the early leaders of connected consumer products, how they are monetizing connectivity, and analyzes the potential cost of not connecting products.

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Executive Summary

Market Overview and Status

Identified Initiatives of Major EU Consumer Goods / Device Companies

Major Product Categories / Use Cases: Current and Anticipated

Consumer Benefits

Drivers and Inhibitors

Identified Market Drivers / Intentions to Join the Connected Ecosystem

Identified Inhibitors / Challenges

Product - Services Strategy

Niche vs. Standard across Range of Services


Services / Product Mix



Distribution Strategies

Sales Channels

Sales of Connected Product and Services

Up- and Cross Sales via Digitized

Consumer Relationship

Channel / Consumer support

Pricing Models

Impact on Traditional Channels

Technology / Infrastructure

Product / Gateway / Wireless Technology

Apps / Analytics / Platform - Cloud 

Scalability / Interoperability

Big Data

Access to Big Data flow

Use of Big Data

Data Privacy and Security

Business Models

Impact on Traditional Business Models

Recurring vs. Hardware

Partnership Models

Investments and ROI

Growth and Innovation

In- or Outsourcing of Required Competencies

Acquisitions / Partnerships

Impact on Organization

Case Studies/Forecast of Results for EU

Manufacturers Having Smart Devices


Manufacturer Case Studies

Forecast of % Adoption across all Available Models for Major Appliance

Envisioning - 2025

Conclusions and Recommendations

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Publish Date: 3Q 2017

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Authored By:
Tom Kerber - Director, IoT Strategy

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