TV Services: Pay TV in a Data-Driven World

Pay-TV providers are increasingly facing online challengers that have extensive expertise in using data to define and drive their businesses as well as user experiences. Big data is the new field for competition, and developing more strategic methods to leverage collected data to improve services and revenues is critical for the pay-TV industry. This report focuses on the impact of big data on the pay-TV industry, both today and in the future, including profiles of major players.

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1.0    Report Summary

1.1  Purpose of Report

1.2  Key Burning Questions Addressed by This Research

1.3  Research Approach/Sources

2.0    The State of Pay TV

3.0    Pay TV and Data Use

3.1  Comparing Traditional and New Generation Use of Data

3.2  Regulation

4.0    The Value of Data in Pay TV

4.1  Types of Data

4.2  Quantifying Data’s Value

4.2.1     Utility

4.2.2     Cost

4.2.3     Impact

5.0    Consumer Attitudes about Data Use

6.0    Data Trends and Opportunities in Pay TV

6.1  Advertising

6.2  Content-Related Decisions

6.3  User Experience and Feature Design

6.4  Use of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

7.0    Global Forecast of Pay-TV Subscriptions

8.0    Implications

8.1  Pay-TV Providers

8.2  Cable Networks/Content Producers

8.3  Technology Vendors

9.0    Appendix

9.1  Glossary

9.2  Index

9.3  Image Sources

Number of Available U.S. OTT Video Services, 2013-2018
Reason for Being a Pay-TV Service Detractor
Internal Perception and Use of Data: Traditional vs. New Generation Companies
Advantages and Challenges in Use of Data: Traditional vs. New Generation Companies
Summary Details of the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984
Impact of Provider Actions on Consumer Confidence in Data Use
Consumer Perception of Data Protection
Consumer Perception of Data Value
Consumer Willingness to Share Data for Specific Uses
Perceptions Among Data-Sensitive Consumers
Perceptions Among Non-Data-Sensitive Consumers
Addressable Advertising Activity Among MVPDs
Share of Video Consumption on a Television
TV Services Forecast Methodology
Global Forecast: Pay-TV Subscriptions by Region (2017-2023)
Global Forecast: Pay-TV Subscriptions by Type (2017-2023)

Publish Date: 2Q 2018

Pages: 48

Authored By:
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst

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