Digital Living Forecasts extends forecast information and knowledge beyond toplines to detailed views of numbers and graphs.

These tools provide detail and assumptions behind Parks Associates’ forecast. It enables product managers as well as strategy and financial planners the ability to merge their own forecasts or compare their forecasts for any given category and across nations.

The newest deliverable - Residential Security in Europe - focuses on the professional security industry to deliver the most comprehensive forecast available, including impact of DIY and self-monitored solutions on the security industry throughout Europe. Request more info

Each Digital Living Forecasts publication features:

  • Excel workbook with 30-50 topline graphs and tables plus quick-access hyperlinked indices
  • Explanation of the basis of forecasts, including reference to Parks Associates consumer surveys, channel surveys, industry executive interviews, and appropriate institutional and company data
  • Historical data and five-year forecasts for United States, other countries, regions and world
  • Glossary, assumptions, methodology, process, and quality-control signoffs
  • Fact table for creating pivot tables

Residential Security in Europe

Home Security
IP Cameras
Mobile Broadband
Smart Door Locks
Smart Garage Door Openers
Smart Home Controllers
Smart Lighting
Smart Smoke Detectors
Smart Speakers with Voice Assistant
Smart Sprinkler Controllers
Smart Thermostats
Smart TVs
Smart Water Leak Detectors
Streaming Media Players
TV Services
Video Doorbells

Parks Associates builds its forecasts upon core numbers with specifics based on product or service type. Some products are based on population; others are based on households. The majority of forecasts use households with broadband capability as the fundamental metric.

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