Smart Home Tracker: Market Sizing & Trends provides the market intelligence for companies to navigate and succeed in this competitive landscape by sizing and forecasting the overlapping markets in the US smart home space and providing an analysis of key industry trends, market shifts, and player announcements on an ongoing basis.

This service provides:

  • Strategic assessment of market changes, current announcements, and new products
  • Up-to-date analysis of the impact of events on the competitive landscape
  • Insights into strategies for key players
  • Evaluation of events in the context and broader market trends
  • Identification of market, partnership, and revenue opportunities
  • Access to Parks Associates analyst team

This annual service includes multiple deliverables from the Parks Associates smart home analyst team, with market sizing, analysis, and insight about key smart home and IoT products and services:

  • Smart Home Market Tracker (Quarterly)
  • Smart Home Market Sizing (Biannual)
  • Analyst Consultation (Four Hours Per Annual Contract)

These deliverables present and analyze:

  • Size of key smart home markets and submarkets
  • Five-year forecasted growth of key smart home markets and submarkets
  • Important trends shaping the market
  • Impactful product announcements
  • Partnerships and acquisitions from major players
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