"Voice Recognition and Control on Mobile Devices" -New Market Focus

by Parks Associates | Jun. 28, 2013

Parks Associates has released new market focus research entitled "Voice Recognition and Control on Mobile Devices."

One of the key topics of this market focus research is the consumer response to voice-control features.  For example, Parks Associates research has found that over 50 percent of Apple Siri and Google Now users report being very satisfied with voice-recognition features. 

Some of the other key topics include: Current ownership of smartphones and tablets, segmentation and demographics (iPhone vs. Android users/Siri vs. Google Now), and common applications for voice recognition and control features. 

Parks Associates research provides a comprehensive overview of the smartphone and the role of voice control in driving new applications and usage models.  It also provides opportunities for adding voice control to other connected devices,  assessing the potential impact in adoption and usage, and an understanding and breakdown among current smartphone models

For more information on this research, click here.

Tags: Google, tablets

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