Broadband Difficulties Driving Demand for Value Added Services

by Parks Associates | Aug. 20, 2020

Parks Associates research finds US broadband households have an average of 12 connected devices, which will increase to 20 by 2025, creating opportunities for service providers and manufacturers to deploy new value-added services to support the home network and all its devices.

The number of connected devices in the home is increasing just as people are adding strain to the home network with more work-at-home and video streaming activities. Consumers regularly deal with frustrating Wi-Fi experiences and also have widespread concern about their vulnerability to data security and privacy threats. Even as household spending starts to shrink, consumers recognize the need to secure and optimize their connectivity solutions and value a holistic solution that can deliver on safety and performance. Our latest research shows that:

·       61% find an ISP service that protects devices from viruses or hacking valuable

·       44% find an ISP service that monitors or improves Wi-Fi in the home valuable

·       79% of smart home device owners use at least one data security service to protect their connected devices.

Protection from viruses/spyware, identity theft protection, and protecting personal privacy while using the internet are the most popular data security services.

We look forward to talking more about the issues consumers are reporting with their broadband service, as well as new demand as stand-alone services continue to rise. Join the CONNECTIONS Community where you can network with key industry leaders in the connected home and IoT industries. The virtual conference sessions focus on technology innovations, consumer research on adoption and trends, product and service forecasts, and evaluation of new business strategies, partnerships, monetization opportunities, and value-added service design. 

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