Can Energy Providers Create Revenue in the Smart Home? Insights from Grid4C

by Parks Associates | Feb. 12, 2019

Prior to Parks Associates’ 10th-annual Smart Energy Summit, in Austin, Shane Fay, SVP Sales and Marketing, Grid4C, shared insights on what energy providers can do in order to generate revenue in the smart home.

Shane will be participating on the Adding Value through Utility Engagement in the Smart Home session on Wednesday, February 20, at 1:15 PM. Panelists joining him on this session include:

Ryan Harty, Environmental Market Development Manager, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Joe Jankosky, Global Director, Utilities and IoT, Intel
Dave Oberholzer, VP/GM, Energy Management, Whisker Labs
Bud Vos, CEO, Enbala

Q: How can energy providers generate incremental revenue in the smart home?
Energy providers are implementing AI and machine learning globally at scale. They leverage smart meter data to build forecasts for every meter and appliance in the home, and make predictions for every customer. The use of such data can determine the best products and services to sell to each customer, monetize alerts for faulty or inefficient home appliances, and optimize IoT devices in the home.

Q: What can energy providers do to move from active participant to an indispensable element of the smart home?
Applying AI and machine learning to smart meter data tells us more about a premise than ever before – who owns EVs, solar, central HVAC, pool pumps, electric water heaters (and more) – when these resources will be charged and used, when they are inefficient or may fail, and how to optimize their use. Only energy providers have this data, and it’s critical they use it to solidify their roles in the smart home.

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