Chromecast monthly use - among all owners

by John Barrett | Jul. 3, 2014

This week, GigaOm, FierceCable, and Streaming Media wrote about data that Google announced at their developers conference that seems to contradict our Chromecast research. However, the articles do a great job of noting several differences in the reported data, namely the different user bases.

Google is only showing averages among seven-day active users, while our figures are among all owners. Google’s figures, in other words, do not reflect the overall average among all Chromecast owners. Owners that have stopped using a Chromecast entirely will be excluded because they have not been active over the last seven days. Average use among a wider base of users (30-day active users, for example) would similarly incorporate a larger number of light users pulling averages down. As GigaOm pointed out, the two data set are therefore not contradictory because average use among active users can be increasing even while the percentage of owners using the device is declining.

Next week, we'll be releasing new research on streaming media devices, including Roku users vs. Apple TV users. Stay tuned for more.

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