Sunday, May 01, 2022

Consultative Services for Smart Home Devices: Simplifying Complex Purchases

New technologies are becoming available to consumers through innovative connected devices in the home. Multiple brands have released new connected products geared at improving convenience and helping consumers monitor and address daily living challenges. While consumers are interested in leveraging the benefits of new connected products, fears and concerns about choosing the right product can inhibit adoption.

 Purchase consultation services can help consumers sort through the multitude of available products including their technical product specs and support the decision making process for smart home devices. Parks Associates latest data shows that 25% of US broadband households plan to buy a smart appliance in the next six months, including 15% who report intentions to buy a smart refrigerator. Almost one-third report intentions to purchase, smart light bulbs, smart light bulbs and smart thermostats. But the devices for which consumers indicate the highest purchase intentions are smart video doorbells and smart thermostats.

The decision to purchase a product typically involves gaining awareness of the product, identifying a personal need for the product, evaluating among alternatives, and selecting a channel for purchase. Consumer awareness of smart home devices is increasing and adoption across all smart home products has increased slowly. Now, 43% of households have an awareness of smart thermostats and almost half of US internet households are familiar with devices like smart video doorbells and door locks. Currently, 37% of households own at least one smart home device and smart home device owners have an average of 8 devices.

Consumer purchase questions reflect the concern over the complexity of connected devices as well as concerns about security and privacy risks.

Because the concept of the smart home is still fairly new, providing consultation services are important. Approximately 30% of smart home device owners report that a service advising them on the best/most appropriate products to purchase is appealing.  Providing consultation services for free has the potential to boost adoption of smart home devices and create a better experience for consumers.

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