Fitbit Readies Three New Fitness Tracking Products

by Harry Wang | Oct. 27, 2014

Fitbit launched three new products today, branded as Charge, Charge HR (heart rate monitoring), and Surge. With Charge HR, Fitbit finally brings the heart rate monitoring function to its popular fitness trackers, a nice upgrade to people’s fitness experience.

The most interesting one is Surge, which bills itself as a sports watch with GPS, heart rate sensors, and a touch screen for caller ID and text alert. Is it a smart watch? It certainly has some smart features and its price--$250—makes it at least a premium fitness tracker.

We have been watching the digital wellness and fitness market for quite some time, and Fitbit has been a top performer so far. It started as a hardware company, but its software and service strategy has earned our respect as well. By building its own ecosystem and holding onto a significant market share, as we analyzed in our report, it may be the only brand that can withstand the assaults from large CE makers such as Apple and Samsung.

The only downside is that both the Charge HR and Surge won’t be available until early 2015, which means Fitbit is losing an opportunity to solidify its market position during this coming holiday season. But hey, even Apple will miss it.

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