Parks Associates Conducts Custom Installation Research for CEDIA

by Parks Associates | Jun. 19, 2013

Parks Associates has been commissioned by CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) to repeat a survey carried out last year on the UK residential custom installation sector. This new round of research will build on the picture of the residential custom installation industry, which was last year stated to be worth in excess of £1 billion.

Conducting the research for a second time will allow for a greater understanding of market trends, allow CEDIA to assess changes, and validate the results of the study from the previous year, says CEDIA executive. It will also create a higher information value and allow stakeholders to move forward with greater surety.

The study will be primarily conducted through the use of an online survey, and the questions will be focused on the priority areas for UK companies.

"The data helps custom installers understand which products are actively sought by target customers, and findings even help custom installers decide where to focus their initiatives," Tricia Parks, CEO of Parks Associates, says of the survey. Parks Associates has conducted research for CEDIA in both the UK and the United States and the partnership between the two companies has extended in 1998.

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