Tech Support Praise from Parks Associates' CEO Tricia Parks

by Tricia Parks | Aug. 23, 2013

By: Tricia Parks

A rare blogger, being from a generation that shakes at the thought of “off-the-cuff” comments being recorded forever, my delightful experience with Cisco support (a woman named Chris) leaves me nearly euphoric and with a desire to praise Cisco/Linksys.  While experiencing a router issue, I first called my service provider for help….dreading what I envisioned would be long waits and little support.  I was absolutely correct.  It was long and useless.  Just ask me how loyal I am to this SP to which my household pays small fortunes each month.  NADA. No loyalty, just a calculation about the potential pain of switching.

After no help from the SP, I called Linksys support (CISCO).  Short of dropping out of airplanes over my house to fix our issue, Chris, the support woman, could not have done more or done it more quickly, carefully or effectively.  I will buy/use Linksys as long as its products are available.  My husband and I practically danced around the kitchen with our delight at our fix and the experience with Linksys of getting it fixed.

Note the difference in our attitudes towards Linksys and our current SP.  Parks Associates completes significant research about tech support, but the lessons come home loudly after experiencing our own problem.  Providing your valuable ($$$) customer support in a friendly, speedy, and effective manner is a path to loyalty.  Any less and you, oh manufacturer or SP, earn no loyalty, just pain calculations.

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