UtilityAPI - Insights on Energy Management Data

by Parks Associates | Feb. 7, 2020

Daniel Roesler, Co-founder and CTO of UtilityAPI, shared his insights with us on innovation in energy management and the role consumer data plays ahead of the Parks Associates' Smart Energy Summit.

Mr. Roesler will be speaking in the session titled "Energy Data and the Smart Home: Enhancing the Customer Relationship" at 10:45 am on Wednesday, Feb 19. This session will address how access to high-frequency energy data enables multiple value-added services, including those that can be monetized as a service to consumers and those that can serve partners as lead generation tools or as part of a broader home warranty service.

He will be joined on the panel by:

Rand Bailin, Partner, Sprosty Network
Justin Berghoff, Director, Business Development & Product Management, Leviton
Troy Morgan, CEO & Founder, PanTech Design
Katie Shrewsberry, Founder, EcoCred, Exelon

What are the barriers to adoption for solar, EV and storage companies?
Secure, reliable, consent-driven customer data access is a critical barrier for (1) initial feasibility analyses into whether a DER is a good choice for a customer, and (2) ongoing monitoring for asset management of customer-owned DERs.

What innovations are driving consumer adoption of energy management?
Recent updates to the customer data access consent standard (Green Button Connect) have dramatically improved the possibilities of creating a streamlined click-through consent process to allow customers to integrate their utility data into third party energy management platforms (both residential and commercial).

For more information on the upcoming Smart Energy Summit, visit www.ses2020.com.

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