Friday, August 20, 2021

Why MDUs Are Helping Expand the Smart Home Market

Parks Associates estimates that 30% (36 million households) of U.S. broadband households live in MDUs, 66% (79.5 million households) live in single-family homes and 4% (4.8 million households) report other kinds of accommodations.

Parks Associates follows the MDU category closely and has observed several interesting insights about this market. First, the research firm shows that 43% of MDU residents owned smart home devices in 2020, compared to 30% in 2019.

The importance of the smart home category and how it’s influencing the MDU market cannot be underestimated. Recent Parks Associates findings report that 40% of MDU renters are interested in “bulk” Internet service bundled with their rent. Parks Associates also found that 41% of all MDU broadband households owning at least one smart home device, compared to 34% of single-family households.

Unquestionably, this data underscores that today’s homes are dependent now, more than ever before, on connectivity and technology. MDU developers and builders recognize that this trend has been ongoing for several years. ADT Multifamily and Tuya Smart are just two companies looking to leverage the $1.9 billion in annual incremental rental and services revenue that Parks Research expects to be generated by MDU-based smart home capabilities.

From the article "Why MDUs Are Helping Expand the Smart Home Market" by CE Pro Editors. 

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