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2022 Agenda

CONNECTIONS™ Summit at CES is an annual research and industry event hosted by international research firm Parks Associates at CES. In 2022, the executive event is planned in person and focused on new trends, emerging technology and standards, new business models, and partnerships impacting the connected home. Submit to speak.


9:00 AM   Connectivity: Role of the Home Network and Wi-Fi

10:00 AM   State of the Smart Home

11:00 AM   MDUs and PropTech: Deploying Smart Home Tech

1:00 PM   Home Security Redefined

2:00 PM   Home Services: Driving Incremental Revenues

3:00 PM   Health at Home: Meeting Needs of Consumers

4:00 PM   Smart Home: Integration and New Partnerships

5:30 PM   Networking Reception

Event is in Las Vegas, NV, and times are in PT US.


9:00 AM

Connectivity: Role of the Home Network and Wi-Fi

As consumers rely more on connected devices in their homes, there is an increased demand for greater network performance. This session addresses issues driving home networking technology, legacy and emerging usage models, how the industry addresses fragmentation, privacy and security, and value-added services.

10:00 AM

State of the Smart Home

Consumers value adoption more than ever. This session addresses the growth of smart home, including partnerships, technology developments, interoperability challenges, and new applications and experiences. Speakers address the business models and strategies to achieve mass-market adoption.

11:00 AM

MDUs and PropTech: Deploying Smart Home Tech

IoT devices and platforms reduce and optimize operational costs for MDU property managers through reduced maintenance, optimized staffing, enhanced monitoring capabilities, and improved energy efficiency. This session highlights the growth of connected services and products in MDU properties, including the top value propositions and prioritization for property technologies.

1:00 PM

Home Security Redefined

DIY solutions and the introduction of smart home devices with attached services are changing the traditional home security market. This session addresses the role of DIY for professional security services and the blurred lines creating new options and the ultimate in choice for consumers.

2:00 PM

Home Services: Driving Incremental Revenues

There are enormous opportunities for different ecosystems in the home to serve the consumer with services: broadband, home security, utility, and independent living services. This session addresses new opportunities to drive incremental and recurring revenues, create stickiness with the consumer, and leverage connectivity for new consumer value.

3:00 PM

Health at Home: Meeting Needs of Consumers

There’s a broad ecosystem of devices and sensors in consumers’ homes today, enabling new health and wellness applications, as well as new business models. This session addresses partnerships and integrations across the home ecosystem, providing consumers with new opportunities to monitor or promote healthy living in the home.

4:00 PM

Smart Home: Integration and New Partnerships

As dominant tech players continue developing their connected device ecosystems, product designers, developers, and manufacturers will be forced to rethink the user experience and interface. This session addresses how companies partner and work to create an integrated, seamless user experience for consumers.

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