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Voice Controls and Smart Home: Optimizing Product Design


Tuesday and Wednesday, February 23-24

Impact of COVID-19: Consumer Behavior and Energy Management

Home Services: Rethinking Utility Revenue Models

Energy Management Platforms: Accelerating Growth

DERMS: Solar, Storage and Microgrids

Wednesday, April 28

MDUs: Leveraging Proptech for Smart Energy Management

Wednesday, August 4

Next Stages of the EV Evolution

Wednesday, October 27

Partnerships and Tech Advancements

Shifting Customer Behavior: Energy Efficiency and Demand Response

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Cross-Industry Focus

Consumers: engagement, adoption of energy management services, behavioral DR, TOU, and incentives for automated demand response home management

Utilities: TOU rollouts, incentive programs,value-added services, interfaces to third-party solutions, strategic partnerships, new business models

Telecom and cable operators: bundling strategies, offerings and pricing models, partnerships

Security channel: smart device integration, DIY market, and partnerships

Retail channel: sales channels for smart home devices, smart appliances, and home controls, mass-market potential

OEMs: adding connectivity to devices, new value propositions, aggregation and interoperability

Alternative energy: impact of solar and electric vehicles

More Details

Utilities: Benefits of Attending

1) Smart Energy Summit brings together utility leaders from across North America with smart home vendors and equipment manufacturers to discuss innovative approaches to delivering differentiated energy management solutions.

2) Convergence in the connected home creates competition and partnership opportunities to provide energy management services to the mass market. Technology trends within the connected home must be considered when developing and revising the utility home area network roadmap.

3) Understanding the adoption of smart home services and the many players entering the space is vital to utilities.

4) Gaining a firsthand account of the state of the market will help utilities understand the competition and understand partnership opportunities.

5) Adoption of electric vehicles and solar will have a substantial impact on electric utilities in the future. Smart Energy Summit assembles leading experts to provide their insights on the challenges and opportunities associated with EVs and distributed generation.

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