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2023 Agenda

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April 17-18 | Dallas, TX

April 17  Parks Associates Pre-Show Workshop

9:00 AM CT

Welcome:  The BIG Opportunity

IoT sensors and devices capture data and perform tasks, communicating over IP and other protocols with cloud or local systems to create intelligent systems and enable automation. These solutions support a wide variety of use cases, enabling more functionality while saving companies money and increasing revenue opportunities. Parks Associates provides an overview of the BIG opportunity in MDUs.

9:15 AM CT

Broadband in Buildings: Bulk Services and Wi-Fi - New Market Opportunity Research Presentation

Smart Wi-Fi technology, mesh networking products, and new cybersecurity solutions have also become increasingly important as consumers require private spaces in every room of their household to conduct their business. This research presentation highlights Parks Associates’ latest research on demand and opportunity for bulk broadband services in buildings.

9:30 AM CT

What Do Property Managers Want Industry Presentation

Resident requests are a key motivator for property managers and owners in deploying smart home solutions. The top five most requested features are automated lighting, smart appliances, increased levels of security in common areas, increased broadband speed, and remote access to residential units. This session highlights perspectives from industry players on the ideal solutions for property managers and owners.

10:30 AM CT

Coffee & Networking

10:45 AM CT

What Do Residents Want Research Presentation

Consumers have a growing expectation for smart home technology, and these new devices help differentiate with modern lifestyle marketing and practical benefits.

11:30 AM CT

IoT Platforms: Creating New Service Opportunities  Industry Presentation

Charles Hadsell, CEO, ePropertyCare

12:00 PM CT

Workshop Close and Lunch

April 17 Smart Spaces & New Tech Expanding Value

1:15 PM CT

Welcome and Opening Comments

The future of housing is connected. Consumers increasingly expect their homes, offices, and virtually anywhere they go to have smart solutions that are convenient, green, and secure and built upon a reliable and high-performing home network. Parks Associates provides opening comments on the role of technology in smart spaces and specifically in the MDU market.

1:30 PM CT

Opening Session: Adding Tech to Buildings

Multi-dwelling unit (MDU) property owners and managers, made up of smart apartments and smart condominiums, senior living, and student housing, are evaluating and investing in technology that opens a new generation of property management and resident experience. This opening session, featuring leading industry players, addresses the challenges and opportunities of adding tech into buildings.

2:30 PM CT

Cox Communities - Smart Spaces sponsorBroadband Services and Role of Connectivity

Service providers have an inherent advantage in that they have an existing relationship with the MDU, particularly if they already supply bulk internet services. With the new FCC ruling to prohibit exclusive revenue-sharing agreements between ISPs and MDUs, bulk internet agreements allow MDUs to re-capture this lost revenue stream while improving the resident experience. This session addresses the role of broadband services, including managed Wi-Fi networks, adoption of smart home devices, and the competitive MDU market.

3:30 PM CT

Networking Break

4:00 PM CT


4:30 PM CT

Building Owner and Property Manager Perspectives

The ability to attract and retain residents, increase rent, and improve property security are the leading benefits that can prompt smart home device adoption. But the most important factor for smart home vendor selection is the integration of smart home systems into existing property management systems. This session highlights leading owner and property manager expectations for adding new tech to buildings and what services are most important.

5:15 PM CT

Industry Wrap-Up

Parks Associates’ team takes the stage to highlight key insights shared throughout the day and answer audience questions.

5:30 PM CT

Cox Communities - Smart Spaces sponsorNetworking Reception
Sponsored by Cox Communities

April 18  Leveraging Tech in Smart Spaces 

8:00 AM CT

Registration Open and Networking Breakfast

8:30 AM CT

Welcome:  Investing in the Building of the Future

Businesses looking to deploy tech solutions must also keep in mind operational efficiencies and their five-to-ten-year technology roadmap. Scalability and adaptability are essential. This session examines new requirements as building managers and owners look to enable new solutions that provide personalization and new services that focus on safety and security.

8:45 AM CT

The Big Picture: What’s Driving Growth and How Fast Will it Happen

Partnerships will be a core part of tech-enabled services in MDUs. Device vendors must understand how the need for dedicated networks, integration with property management software, and security and privacy concerns impact properties’ willingness and ability to implement smart solutions. Solution vendors must also create proposals that adequately demonstrate the business benefits of smart solutions and meet property manager and owner expectations for ROI. This session addresses the near- and long-term future for tech in MDUs.

9:45 AM CT


10:15 AM CT

Coffee & Networking

10:45 AM CT

CSA - Smart SpacesAccess and Control Systems: Beyond Security

Property managers find smart home use cases that prevent theft and burglary most appealing. Parks Associates data consistently finds that security/safety use cases resonate among all US internet households, and we anticipate seeing networked cameras added to more properties. Smart cameras are the most prevalent smart home devices installed in common areas, but smart light bulbs/lighting are popular in units and common areas, highlighting the strength of the security and safety value proposition. This session addresses the solutions beyond access control and their value to residents and property managers.

11:30 AM CT


12:00 PM CT


1:00 PM CT

Research Presentation

Parks Associates research team shares insights on the growing revenue opportunity directly related to technology in buildings – from hospitality to apartments to student housing and senior living. This presentation quantifies the opportunity and highlights challenges with integration.

1:15 PM CT

Energy Management and Indoor Air Quality: Healthy Environments

Energy management savings are a huge driver for consumers and property owners. In addition, there is growing demand for clean air. These solutions include smart thermostats, as well as smart outlets, smart lights, and connected HVAC systems. This top value proposition offers an important benefit to reduce OPEX—smart lighting and energy management solutions allow managers to remotely adjust lighting and temperatures in unoccupied units. This session addresses the implementation of new tech related to energy management and healthy air solutions.

Mary Nitschke, Vice President of Sustainability, RealPage

2:15 PM CT

Insurance and Building Tech

New tech solutions can reduce risks from theft and losses or damage from inclement weather or malfunctioning equipment. The extent of these use cases depends on the equipment and levels of integration, but they offer a variety of opportunities to secure the property. While the main benefit is mitigation from loss, some insurance companies are starting to offer discounts for smart solutions, notably in the single-family housing sector. This session addresses the impact of proptech on insurance and MDUs.

2:45 PM CT

Networking Break

3:15 PM CT

Amenities: EV Charging and Parking  Deliveries, and Community Services

As tech advances, new services are required and in demand, including EV charging and delivery services. As EV adoption grows, consumers will look to apartments to provide charging stations, and property developers will turn to sensor-based technologies to help manage the experience. The new reliance on ecommerce creates demand to offer secure delivery options as well. This session examines the new opportunities to provide added value for residents.

Ryan Kimura, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Premier

4:15 PM CT


4:45 PM CT

The Integrator Opportunity: Bringing it all Together

The MDU market offers significant revenue potential with benefits for multiple players, including MDU owners and their staff and residents. With careful consideration to connectivity networks, integration with property management software, resident security and privacy, and training and support, vendors can offer a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of the different stakeholders and will tap into the full revenue-generating potential of this market. This session provides the integrator perspective including opportunities and challenges.

5:30 PM CT

Networking Reception

July 20 | Virtual: PropTech Market Evolution: Senior and Student Housing 

11:00 AM CT

Welcome and Analyst Insight

11:15 AM CT

IoT in Student Housing: Safety, Health, Sustainability

12:00 PM CT

Fireside Chat: Visionary Spotlight

12:30 PM CT

New Era of Senior Living: Tech-enabled Properties

1:30 PM CT

Closing Comments

Oct 5 | Virtual: Hospitality Market: Tech Driving New Value

10:00 AM CT

Welcome, Analyst Insight and Panel: Hospitality Market: Tech Driving New Value

10:45 AM CT

Use Cases Driving Demand: Safety, Health, Sustainability

11:30 AM CT

Closing Comments

Nov 30 | Virtual: Investment and Expansion in Smart Spaces

11:00 AM CT

Welcome and Analyst Insight

11:15 AM CT

Platforms Enabling New Services

12:00 PM CT

Fireside Chat: Visionary Spotlight

12:30 PM CT

Opportunities & Challenges with Growth in MDU Market

1:30 PM CT

Closing Comments

Past Events

Nov 17 Agenda: Tech-Enabled Buildings: Driving Next-Gen Services

2:00 PM  State of PropTech: Apartments, Hospitality and Commercial Buildings

Companies are investing in new technologies in building environments to enable the next generation of applications and services. This opening research presentation highlights the state of the market and the huge challenges and opportunities.

Elizabeth Parks, President and CMO, Parks Associates

2:15 PM  Broadband Requirements and Future Proofing the Building Environment

To gain the full ROI on technology investments, building owners and managers expect their deployments to last for many years. This session addresses the requirements needed for the cloud-based systems, running next gen software and the broadband and Wi-Fi requirements necessary for future proofing.

Andrew Beach, Vice President of Community Technology, Mill Creek Residential

Kevin Donnelly, Vice President, Government Affairs, Technology and Strategic Initiatives, National Multifamily Housing Council

Blake Drager, MxU Technology, Innovations & Solutions Lead, Google Fiber

Guillermo Rivas, Vice President of New Business Development, Cox

Todd Thorpe, Vice President of Sales, DojoNetworks

Moderator: Kristen Hanich, Director of Research, Parks Associates

3:00 PM  Keynote

Hrag Ohannessian, SVP of Global Sales, Home Automation, Security & Hospitality, Universal Electronics, Inc.

Moderator: Elizabeth Parks, President and CMO, Parks Associates

3:30 PM  System Integration and Platforms Enabling New Services

Proptech and building management solutions can also enable new use cases, such as access control mechanisms that enable self-guided tours for prospective tenants. These benefits typically require centralized control, as well as the ability to integrate with existing building management solutions, to be fully realized. This session brings industry leaders together to talk about the new technology bringing these different systems together to provide new value through data insights and operational efficiencies.

Erin Bullard, Director of Partner Relations, Immix

Derek Cowburn, CEO, Lumen Cache, Inc.

Patrick Goemaere, Chief Architect Cloud Services Connected Home, Vantiva

Sce Pike, Head of Multifamily, ADT

Mariam Alicia Rogers, Director of Multifamily Sales, Brivo

Moderator: Chris White, Director of Research, Parks Associates

4:30 PM  Closing Comments

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