Smart Product Market Assessment: Smart Thermostats

Smart Product Market Assessments provide a comprehensive and deep analysis of a single smart product market.

Key questions answered:

  1. How big is the smart thermostat market in the U.S. currently and what is the market’s projected growth over the next 5 years?
  2. What is driving market growth? What barriers exist to growth?
  3. Who are the key players, and what does the smart thermostat landscape look like?
  4. What features and factors influence consumers’ purchasing decisions?
  5. What are the key elements impacting the user experience?

Price: $7,500.00

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Executive Summary

Market Landscape

Key Players and Competition

Competitive Landscape and Product Announcements

Market Drivers and Barriers

5-Year Forecast: Unit Sales and Revenues

Consumer Survey Findings

Market Awareness, Perception and Adoption


Buyer Journey

Purchase Intention

Device Installation

User Experience and Services

Publish Date: 1Q 2021

Slides: 66

Authored By:
Dina Abdelrazik - Contributing Analyst
Yilan Jiang - Director
Keshav Jaiswal - Consumer Insights Analyst II
Xiaofan Tan - Consumer Insights Analyst I

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