Webcast - Tapping into the Connected Home Opportunity

RadialpointDecember 6, 2011, 1 p.m. CT / 2 p.m. ET

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Jordan Socran, Senior Director, Global Sales & Business Development, Radialpoint
Kurt Scherf, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Parks Associates

Retailers, service providers, and CE manufacturers face opportunities and challenges in the connected home. Increasing adoption of advanced technology and expanded services can create deeper, more profitable consumer relationships, but it also invites new competition for market share, new demands for differentiation and more internal complexity to meet these demands. Businesses must focus their resources on managing the entire customer technology relationship in the connected home. This means bringing to market new services while leveraging and integrating their current assets to create positive, cost-effective customer experiences.

In short, businesses addressing the connected home space must shift their thinking about customer services. They are no longer one-off, value-added features but the foundation for managing the customer technology lifecycle and a key mechanism for all consumer technology companies to differentiate their products and services in the connected home and generate significant services revenues.

This webcast explores how connected home stakeholders can rethink customer support and the delivery of holistic services to grow and maintain a loyal customer base. This webcast applies to a variety of connected home stakeholders and will cover:

  • Key challenges facing today’s connected home stakeholders
  • Primary consumer data that identify the most valuable services
  • Strategies to expand the business model by using support to drive revenue and core business growth
  • Requirements for a technology platform that can evolve to meet changing consumer and business needs


Jordan Socran, Senior Director, Global Sales & Business Development, Radialpoint

Jordan Socran is responsible for Radialpoint's global Business Development Group, helping the company to bring innovative and strategic Digital Home Services solutions to large consumer technology brands worldwide. Jordan has been with Radialpoint since 1998, working with Fortune 500 companies in the service provider, OEM, and retail verticals to bring a range of premium Digital Home Service solutions to their consumer end-users. Radialpoint excels in bringing a customer-led, platform-based SaaS solution to market; Jordan's expertise in business development, consumer services and marketing has been pivotal in identifying, designing and building premium digital home services businesses for companies looking to grow their revenues and deliver differentiated brand experiences. In the last 5 years, Jordan has been instrumental in delivering nearly $1 billion in revenues to Radialpoint's customers and driving future growth opportunities for customers looking to maximize the revenue potential of the connected home.

Kurt Scherf, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Parks Associates

Kurt Scherf studies developments in home networks, residential gateways, digital entertainment services, consumer electronics, and digital home technical support services. Kurt is the sole author or contributing author/analyst to more than 80 research reports and studies produced by Parks Associates since 1998.

Kurt joined Parks Associates following a career in political research and multi-tenant dwelling management. He earned his BA from The University of Iowa.

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: Home Networks & Residential Gateways, Home Networking Media (Wi-Fi, UWB, HomePlug, HomePNA, MoCA, etc.), Media Center PCs, Set-top Boxes, Networked Consumer Electronics, Consumer Storage, Media Server Hardware and Software, Consumers and Digital Entertainment, Television Services, Broadband Video, Digital Home Customer Support Issues


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