Aftermarket Entertainment: Universal Remote Controllers

Aftermarket Entertainment: Universal Remote Controllers addresses the growing need and market for mid-level and high-level universal remote controllers. The report includes the following:

  • Forecasts (unit and end-user value revenue) for aftermarket universal remote controllers
  • Drivers to the market
  • Inhibitors to consumer adoption
  • Demographic and brand data on consumers stating ownership of universal remote controllers as well as on intenders for these
  • Changing distribution structures including installing dealer brand and remote preferences
  • Profiles of selected companies leading or innovating in this device category

“U.S. households are spending more on their entertainment equipment as well as on content options than in the past,” said Tricia Parks, CEO of Parks Associates. “So, spending some hundreds of dollars on a URC that allows easier use and management of their home theater systems makes more sense to them than in the past. There is a middle market for advanced universal remotes now emerging that will continue to see growth for at least the next 5-7 years.”

Price: $3,500.00

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Notes on Methodology

1.1 Primary Data

1.2 Definitions

2.0   U.S. Forecasts for Aftermarket URCs

3.0   Drivers of Growth in Aftermarket URCs

3.1 Product Trends for Aftermarket URCs

4.0   URCs: Consumers, Distribution, and Strategic Implication

4.1 Consumers and URCs

4.2 Distribution of Mid- and High-level URCs

5.0   The Emerging Mid-level Remote Controller

6.0   Strategic Implications for an Evolving Market Category

7.0   Aftermarket URCs: U.S. Forecasts 2006-2012

Resource Book

Section I: Introduction

1.1 The Purpose of this Report

1.2 A Brief History of Entertainment Remote Controllers

1.3 URC Hardware Trends

Section II: U.S. Households and Aftermarket Entertainment Remote Controllers

2.1 Drivers to Market Growth

2.2 U.S. Households and Aftermarket Entertainment URCs

2.2.1 Implications of Consumer Responses

2.2.2 Internet Consumer Ownership of URCs in 2006

2.2.3 Purchase Intentions for URCs

2.2.4 Demographics of Internet URC Owners

Section III: Installing Dealers and Remotes – Lessons for an Expanding Marketplace

Section IV: Aftermarket - Universal Remote Controller Forecast

Section V: Company Profiles

4.1 AMX

4.2 Control4

4.3 Crestron

4.4 Home Automation Inc.

4.5 Logitech and Harmony

4.6 OpenPeak, Inc.

4.7 Philips Electronics

4.8 Remote Technologies, Inc (RTI)

4.9 Universal Electronics International, Inc. (UEIC)

4.10 Universal Remote Controls, Inc.

4.11 Other Activities

The Bottom Line

U.S. Annual Sales and Revenues of Aftermarket URCs
U.S. Annual Sales of URCs by Category 2006-2012
Drivers to Growth in Categories of Aftermarket URC
The Evolution of URCs
Market Shares for Mid- and High-level URCs
Brands Desired by High Intenders or Advanced URCs
Demographics of URC Owners
Info on Control Panels and the High end Installing Dealer
Influence of High End Dealer on Customers’ Choices for URCs
Average Consumer Price Paid for Categories of URCs
Elegant Remote Controllers from Creston, AMX, and RTI
U.S. Market Unit and Dollar Growth for Mid-level URCs
Aftermarket URC Forecast 2006 - 2012

Resource Book

Penetration of Selected Products and Services in U.S. Internet HHs
U.S. Sales Forecasts for Digital TV
Sales of HDTVs in U.S.
Cumulative U.S. Digital TV Sales
Annual Sales for Media Servers 2006 & 2010
Market Conditions for Aftermarket URCs by Category
Reasons for Purchase of URC
Annual US Unit Sales for URC by Category
Consumer Stated URC Brand Ownership
Universal Remote Brand (Regular Screening*)
URC High Intenders Potential Choice of Brand
Ownership of Mid – High-level URCs in U.S. Internet Households
Sales of URCs between 3/05 and 3/06 by Internet Users
URC Brands Purchased Among Internet Users between 9/05 and 9/06
Cost of Universal Remotes Purchased for Replacement
Purchase Intentions for URCs among U.S. Internet Users
Home Theater Ownership in U.S. Internet Households
Selected Demographics for URC Owners
High-End Home Theater Installations
Influence a Dealer has on a Customer’s Choice of Entertainment System
Primary Decision Maker for Controls
The Role of Price in Decisions
How Installing Dealer Customers Choose Their Remotes
Installing Dealer’s Preferred Remote
The Evolution of URCs
Sales and Revenues of Aftermarket Universal Remote Controllers
Annual Unit Sales of Universal Remotes by Category
U.S. End-User Market Value and Forecast for URC

Publish Date: 1Q 2007

Pages: 110

Authored By:
Tricia Parks - Founder

Authored by Tricia Parks
Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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Dallas, Texas 75230

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