AMI Fact Book: 2011 Update

This report is a catalog of current and future AMI and smart meter deployments in the U.S. Volume I contains information on Demand Response (DR) programs being implemented, summary and detailed profiles of selected utilities (these include status of smart meter deployments and plans, number of residential customers covered, and the types of meters and technologies being implemented) and includes a discussion on the topic of deregulation. Detailed data are provided in a separate Excel file for more than 2,400 utilities for review and analysis.

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Volume I

1.0   Introduction

1.1 Definition of AMI/Smart Meter

1.2 The AMI Fact Book Volume II

1.3 Summary of Key Findings

2.0   Primer on Demand Response

2.1 Types of Demand Response Programs

3.0   Electricity Deregulation and Retail Electric Providers

3.1 Direct Energy

3.2 Reliant Energy

4.0   Smart Grid Case Studies

4.1 PowerCentsDC

4.2 Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration (PNW-SGD) Project

5.0   Utility Profiles

5.1 Selected Utilities

Allegheny Power

Ameren IL

Baltimore Gas & Electric Company

Black Hills Corp

Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation

Central Lincoln People’s Utility District

Central Maine Power Company

Cobb Electric Membership Corporation

CPS Energy

Denton County Electric Cooperative d/b/a CoServ Electric

Detroit Edison Company (DTE)


Entergy New Orleans, Inc

Electric Power Board of Chattanooga (EPB)

First Electric Cooperative Corporation

Hawaiian Electric Company

Holland Board of Public Works

Indianapolis Power and Light Company

Lafayette Consolidated Government, LA

Magic Valley Electric Cooperative

Mississippi Power

Modesto Irrigation District (PUD)

Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO)

Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO)

Progress Energy  (Progress Energy was acquired by Duke Energy in January 2011)

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

San Diego Gas & Electric

Santee Cooper - South Carolina Public Service Authority

Sioux Valley Southwestern Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Snapping Shoals Electric Membership Cooperative

South Central Power Co.

South Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation

South Mississippi Electric Power Association (SEMPA)

City of Springfield Water, Power and Light, IL

Talquin Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Vermont Transco, LLC dba Central Vermont Electric Cooperative

Woodruff Electric

City of Tallahassee Utilities

5.2 Utility Profiles

5.2.1    American Electric Power (AEP)

5.2.2    Alabama Power

5.2.3    Alliant Energy

5.2.4    Arizona Public Service (APS)

5.2.5    Austin Energy

5.2.6    Bluebonnet Electric

5.2.7    Burbank Water and Power

5.2.8    CenterPoint Energy, Inc.

5.2.9    Cleco Power LLC

5.2.10  Commonwealth Edison (ComEd)

5.2.11  Duke Energy

5.2.12  Florida Power and Light Company (FPL)

5.2.13  City of Fort Collins Electric Utility

5.2.14  Georgia Power

5.2.15  Glendale Water and Power (GWP)

5.2.16  Gulf Power

5.2.17  Idaho Power

5.2.18  Kansas City Power & Light Company (KCPL)

5.2.19  Lakeland Electric Coop

5.2.20  Los Angeles Department for Water and Power (LADWP)

5.2.21  Lee County Electric Cooperative (LCEC)

5.2.22  City of Naperville Electric Utility

5.2.23  NV Energy

5.2.24  Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OGE)

5.2.25  Oncor

5.2.26  Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

5.2.27  Pedernales Electric Cooperative

5.2.28  Portland General Electric (PGE)

5.2.29  PPL Electric Utilities

5.2.30  Puget Sound Energy

5.2.31  Salt River Project (SRP)

5.2.32  City of San Marcos Electric Utility

5.2.33  Southern California Edison (SCE)

5.2.34  Spanish Fork Electric Utility

5.2.35  Westar Energy

5.2.36  Xcel Energy SmartGridCity

6.0   Smart Meter Forecast

7.0   Notes on Methodology

7.1 Data Sources

8.0   Appendices

8.1 Appendix A: Smart Grid Stimulus Funding

8.2 Appendix B: Smart Grid Marketing

8.3 Appendix C: Acronyms

8.4 Appendix D: Glossary

Volume II Master Spreadsheet

AMI meter deployment summary

Appendix A: Acronyms

Appendix B: Glossary


Smart Meter Forecast

List of Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs)

List of Utility Cooperatives (Co-ops)

List of Municipally Owned Utilities (Munis)

Other types of utilities

Utilities deploying Critical Peak Pricing programs

Utilities deploying Demand Bidding programs

Utilities deploying Direct Load Control programs

Utilities deploying Emergency Demand Response programs

Utilities deploying Interruptible and Curtailable programs

Utilities deploying Real-time pricing programs

Utilities deploying Time-of-use programs

CoServ Electric – Standard Residential Rates
CoServ Electric – Residential Time-of-Use Rates
States in Blue indicate deregulated electric markets
PowerCentsDC Case Study
Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project Case Study
Households with AMI-capable Meters
Stimulus Fund allocation
Sources used for learning about electric programs

Publish Date: 2Q 2011

Pages: 160

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