APIs and Mash-ups: Secrets of the App Economy

This report takes a close look at how APIs and app mash-ups create new business opportunities for app developers and service providers. It profiles major API providers and successful mash-ups and analyzes the implications of APIs as a new competitive advantage for companies operating in digital media publishing and distribution, digital communications, and online and mobile commerce.

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The Bottom Line

1.0            Report Summary

1.1            Purpose of Report

1.2            Definitions

1.3            Research Approach

2.0            APIs and Web Services: Functions and Business Models

2.1            APIs for Mobile App Developers

2.1.1         API Types and Their Use in App Development

2.1.2         Mash-ups

2.1.3         APIs for Cloud Services

2.1.4         Network APIs: A Service Provider Perspective

2.1.5         API’s Revenue Models

3.0            API Management Platforms and Services

3.1            The Need for API Management

3.2            Major API Management Platforms and Services

3.3            Trends in API Management Industry

4.0            API and Mash-Ups: Case Studies

4.1            API for Digital Content Publishing/Distribution: Spotify

4.2            API for Retail and Commerce: Best Buy

4.3            API for Digital Communications: KaKao Talk

5.0            Market Implications and Recommendations

6.0            Appendix

6.1            Glossary

6.2            Company Index

Key Entities in API Industry
Companies Researched and Briefed for Report
Types of APIs
Open APIs by Category
Open Mash-Ups by Category
Leading Cloud API Providers
Open Cloud API Initiatives
Network APIs and Benefits to Developers
Telco’s API Initiatives and Strategies
API-enabled Business Models
API Management Company’s Role and Service Categories
Major Third-Party API Management Firms
Market Positioning of Major 3rd-Party API Management Firms

Publish Date: 1Q 2014

Pages: 53

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

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