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The value of an app is tied directly to its rating and ranking and accessibility in app stores. Just as search engine optimization is critical to e-commerce, app discovery is critical to app adoption. This report examines current economics of top-rated apps versus others and identifies services and methods used to get apps recognized, rated, and discovered. This report provides business model details and case studies by application type.

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Data Points

The Bottom Line

1.0        Report Summary

1.1        Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2        Research Approach

2.0        App Discovery and Marketing Ecosystem Overview

2.1        Connected Device Owners and App Users

2.2        App Content Owners and Publishers

2.3        App Discovery Process and Distribution Channels

2.3.1     Consumer App Discovery and Selection Process

2.3.2     Smartphone and Tablet App Distribution Channels

2.3.3     Connected TV App Distribution Platforms

2.4        App Marketing Services

2.5        App Measurement and App Store Analytics

3.0        Essential App Discovery and App Marketing Strategies

3.1        Employing App Store Optimization (ASO)

3.2        Socializing App Marketing Campaigns

3.3        Acquiring and Retaining Loyal Users

3.4        Reengaging Users to Increase ROI

4.0        U.S. App Marketing Spending via Smartphone and Tablet In-app Ads from 2014-2018

4.1        Forecast Methodology and Assumptions

4.2        U.S. App Marketing Spending on Smartphone and Tablet In-app Ads Forecasts 2014-2018

5.0        Recommendations for Thriving in Today’s App Economy


Glossary of Terms

Company Index

Sources of Data
App Discovery & Marketing Ecosystem
App-enabled Connected Device Ownership Trends 2010-2014
App Content Owner/Publisher Types
Sizing the App Store & Google Play Developer Communities
Smartphone App Discovery Methods by App Type
Factors Influencing Smartphone App Downloads by App Type
App Distribution Channels: Business Metrics, Discovery & Marketing Solutions, & Developer Fees
Leading Connected TV App Platforms: Distribution, App Offerings, & Developer Relationship
Common App Marketing Practices, Business Models, & Performance
Benefits of App Marketing Services
Leading App Marketing Services: User Reach, Operational Metrics, & Competitive Advantage
Leading App Analytic Firms: Service Offering, App Coverage, & Analytic Pricing Model
Candy Crush Saga App Icon
Candy Crush Saga App Screenshots
Leading ASO Service Providers: Service Differentiation & Pricing Models
Facebook Mobile App Install Ads
Twitter App Cards
Determining LTV by App Revenue Model
App Reengagement Formats & Benefits
Facebook Reengagement Ads
App Marketing Spending Forecast Methodology
U.S. App Marketing Spending via Smartphone & Tablet In-app Ads by User Acquisition Type 2014-2018
% of App Marketing Spending via Smartphone &Tablet In-app Ads by User Acquisition Type: U.S. 2014-2018

Publish Date: 2Q 2014

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