Battle for the Front Door: The Access Control Ecosystem

The smart home starts at the front door – smart door locks, video doorbells, and garage doors are access-control devices that are foundational to smart home growth. The front door also represents the access point for a future world of services. Companies are vying for ecosystem control of access points into the home that leverage home service opportunities. This report assesses the access control ecosystem, profiles key players, and evaluates the strategies toward home services. It includes five-year forecasts of unit sales and revenues for smart door locks, video door bells, and smart garage door openers.

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1.0              Report Summary

1.1              Purpose of Report

1.2              Key Questions Addressed by this Research

1.3              Research Approach/Sources

2.0              The Access Control Ecosystem

3.0              Smart Door Locks

3.1              Consumer Demand and Adoption

3.2              Trends and Use Cases

3.3              Barriers to Adoption

3.4              Key Market Players

4.0              Smart Video Doorbells

4.1              Consumer Demand and Adoption

4.2              Trends and Use Cases

4.3              Barriers to Adoption

4.4              Key Market Players

5.0              Smart Garage Door Openers

5.1              Consumer Demand and Adoption

5.2              Trends and Use Cases

5.3              Barriers to Adoption

5.4              Key Market Players

6.0              Home Service Opportunities

6.1              In-home and In-garage Delivery Services

6.2              The Home Rental Market

6.3              Health and Wellness

6.4              Multi-Dwelling Unit Opportunities

7.0              Market Forecasts

7.1              Forecast of Smart Door Locks, 2019-2024

7.2              Forecast of Video Doorbells, 2019-2024

7.3              Forecast of Smart Garage Door Openers, 2019-2024

8.0              Implications and Recommendations

9.0              Appendix

9.1              Glossary

9.2              Index

9.3              Image Sources

Companies Researched for Report
The Access Control Ecosystem
Access Control Device Adoption
Familiarity, Perceived Value, and Affordability of Smart Home Devices
US Brand Share for Residential Smart Locks
Smart Door Lock Competitive Snapshot
Video Doorbell Ownership vs. High Purchase Intention
Target Market for Video Doorbells
Smart Home Device Purchase Intentions
Value of In-home Delivery Services
US Broadband Households by Building Type

Publish Date: 2Q 2019

Pages: 53

Authored By:
Chris O’Dell - Research Analyst

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