Broadband Services: Global Outlook (Second Edition)

This report analyzes the global market for consumer broadband services, including players, regulatory issues, technologies, and market trends. It explores the evolution of broadband in key regions and nations and the market forces that will shape the future of this industry. The report evaluates alternative broadband services and the growth of broadband value-added services (VAS) including, entertainment, home security, energy, and health services. It also includes global forecasts for broadband services through 2015.

“As a core service for technology diffusion, the changes occurring today in the broadband services market will affect the technology market far beyond communications,“ said Brett Sappington, senior research analyst, Parks Associates. “While many markets are seeking to roll out basic services, some are facing an ‘arms race’ for broadband speed among operators. Regulations on local loop unbundling and net neutrality stand to drastically change the competitive landscape among fixed-line operators while competition is increasing from mobile broadband solutions. In markets of high penetration, operators are looking to value-added services (VAS) to retain customers and increase their ARPU.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0 Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report
1.2 Data Sources
1.3 Definition of Global Regions
1.4 Glossary of Terms

2.0 State of the Market

2.1 Overview
2.2 North America

2.2.1 United States
2.2.2 Canada

2.3 Western Europe

2.3.1 Germany
2.3.2 France
2.3.3 United Kingdom
2.3.4 Italy
2.3.5 Spain
2.3.6 Other Western European Nations

2.4 Asia / Pacific

2.4.1 China
2.4.2 South Korea
2.4.3 Japan
2.4.4 Australia
2.4.5 India

2.5 Emerging Markets

2.5.1 Eastern Europe


2.5.2 Latin America


2.5.3 Southeast Asia
2.5.4 Middle East / Africa

3.0 Broadband Value-Added Services (VAS)

3.1 Entertainment

3.1.1 Video
3.1.2 Music
3.1.3 Gaming

3.2 Premium Tech Support
3.3 Monitoring Services

3.3.1 Home Security
3.3.2 Energy
3.3.3 Health

3.4 Other VAS

4.0 Broadband Alternatives

4.1 Wireless Broadband
4.2 Satellite
4.3 Broadband over Powerline

5.0 Forecasts

5.1 Global Broadband Services Forecast

6.0 Implications and Recommendations

6.1 Service Providers / Operators
6.2 CE Manufacturers / Solution Providers

Companies Interviewed for the Report
Global Forecast Regions
Worldwide Broadband Households - 2010
Average Measured Connection Speed by Country/Region
US Broadband and Dial-Up Adoption, 2000-2010
US Bundled Services Penetration 2008 - 2009
US Bundled Service Billing
US Consumer Awareness of Broadband Speed
Comcast Bandwidth Monitoring Tool
Likelihood of Churn among US Broadband Consumers
U.S. Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Map of Service Areas from 2009 Canadian Government Broadband Study
Canadian Bundled Services Subscription Penetration
Canadian Bundled Service Billing
Canadian Service Provider Subscriber Figures
German Service Provider Subscriber Figures
French Service Provider Subscriber Figures
UK Next Generation Network Deployments
U.K. Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Italian Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Spanish Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Other Western European Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Chinese Service Provider Subscriber Figures
South Korean Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Changes in Fixed Line and Mobile Subscriptions in Japan
Japanese Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Australian Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Indian Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Eastern European Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Brazilian Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Chilean Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Mexican Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Argentine Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Southeast Asia Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Middle East / Africa Service Provider Subscriber Figures
The Evolution of Broadband Services in Middle East / Africa
Strategic Shifts Due to Increased Competition
Appeal of Entertainment VAS
Appeal of Broadband VAS
The Impact of Value-added Services Offerings on Customer Satisfaction
Online Video Consumption
Appeal of and Willingness to Pay for a TV Everywhere Feature
France Telecom / Orange Music Service Offerings
Online Gaming Categories
Examples of Gaming Services
Premium Technical Support Offerings
Consumer Interest in Broadband-related Support Features
Desired Value-Added Features – Security and Monitoring
Examples of Home Security VAS
Consumer Interest in Lowering Energy Costs
Willingness to Pay for Energy Monitoring Service
Examples of Energy VAS
Likelihood of Consumers Purchasing Health Services
Interest in Purchasing Health Services for Loved Ones
Examples of Health VAS
Examples of Other Broadband VAS
Global Mobile Carriers’ LTE Deployment Plans and Status
Global Internet Household Forecast By Region
Global Broadband Household Forecast by Region
Stages of Broadband Market Growth

Publish Date: 4Q 2010

Pages: 95

Authored By:
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst

Authored by Brett Sappington
Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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Dallas, Texas 75230

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