Casual Gaming Market Update

Casual Gaming Market Update provides in-depth analysis of the current dynamics and future directions of the rapidly growing casual gaming industry, including quantitative forecasts, competitive analysis, consumer perspectives, and profiles of leading companies in the casual gaming value chain.

“Despite the growing popularity of YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook, online gaming remains the king of online entertainment, driven largely by online casual gaming activities,” said Parks Associates. "The year-over-year growth rate of frequent online gamers was 79%, significantly higher than that for social networks (46%) but lower than the growth of frequent users of video streaming sites (123%).”

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The Bottom Line

1.0 Notes on Methodology

2.0 Definition of Casual Games

3.0   Casual Gaming Market Overview

3.1 Consumer Adoption and Important Implications

3.2 Demographics of Casual Game Audience

3.2.1 The PC Platform

3.2.2 The Console Platform

3.3 An Overview of the Industry Value Chain

3.4 Industry Characteristics

3.5 Analysis of Key Industry Players

3.5.1 Positioning of Key Players

3.5.2 Casual Game Developers

3.5.3 Casual Game Publishers

3.5.4 Distributors and Aggregators

3.5.5 Casual Game Portals

3.6 Key Technologies and Trends

3.6.1 Popular Development Platforms: Balancing Issues

3.6.2 DRM Solutions: Build or Buy

3.6.3 Emerging Trends

4.0   Established Business Models of Casual Gaming

4.1 Try-Before-You-Buy

4.2 Web-based Advertising

4.3 Subscription Services

4.4 Skill-Based Gaming

4.5 Advergames

4.6 A Comparison of Existing Business Models

5.0 Emerging Platforms, Distribution Channels, and Business Models

5.1 Emerging Platforms and Channels

5.1.1 Game Console

5.1.2 Bricks-and-Mortar Retail

5.1.3 Mobile Phones

5.1.4 Portable/Handheld Devices

5.1.5 TV Set-top Box

5.2 Emerging Business Models

5.2.1 In-Game Advertising

5.2.2 Micro-transaction

5.3 New Genres

5.3.1 Advanced Casual Games

5.3.2 Casual MMO

5.3.3 The Surge of the Middle Market

6.0   Other Important Issues

6.1 Entrance of Large Publishers & Industry Consolidation

6.2 Web 2.0 and Casual Games

7.0   Market Forecasts

7.1 Frecast Methodology

7.2 Detailed Forecasts

8.0   Market Implications and Key Recommendations

Resource Book

1.0 Consumer Adoption of Casual Gaming

1.1 Growth of PC Casual Gaming

1.2 Shifting Demographics of PC Casual Audience

1.3 Popular Casual Gaming Services

1.3.1 Popular PC Casual Gaming Services

1.3.2 Analysis of Xbox Live Service

1.4 Popular Casual Game Genres

2.0 Segmentation of Gamers

2.1 Segmentation of Internet Gamers

2.2 Segmentation of Casual Gaming Audience

2.3 Demographics of Casual Audience by Platforms

3.0 Analysis of Gamer Behaviors

3.1 Hours Spent on Online vs. Offline PC Gaming

3.2 Session Length: Online vs. Offline PC Gaming

3.3 Social and Family Gaming Behavior

3.4 Monthly Expenditure on Games

3.4.1 Expenditure on Games in General

3.4.2 Monthly Expenditure on Games Among Casual Gaming Audiences

4.0 Consumer Interest in Alternative Business Models

4.1 Massively Multiplayer Online Games and Casual Gaming

4.2 General Perception of Game Advertising

5.0 Profiles of Casual Game Developers and Publishers

5.1 Big Fish Games

5.2 MiniClip

5.3 Mumbo Jumbo

5.4 NeoEdge Networks, Inc.

5.5 PlayFirst

5.6 PopCap Games

5.7 Sandlot Games

5.8 Sierra Online (Division of Vivendi Games)

5.9 WildTangent

6.0 Profiles of Aggregators and Distributors

6.1 Boonty S.A.

6.2 Oberon Media

6.3 Trymedia (Macrovision)

7.0 Profiles of Online Portals and Retailers

7.1 AOL Games

7.2 EA /

7.3 Microsoft Network Games (MSN Games)

7.4 RealArcade

7.5 Shockwave Games

7.6 Yahoo! Games

8.0 Profiles of Technology Providers

8.1 Adobe Systems, Inc.

8.2 Sun Microsystems / Java

The Bottom Line

U.S. Consumers Play Online Games Most Often
Who is Paying for Online Content?
Type of Games Played
PC Casual vs. Core Gaming Audience by Age and Gender
Major Portals’ Demographic Compositions
Console Casual vs. Core Gaming Audience by Age and Gender
PC Casual Gaming Industry Value Chain
Characteristics of the PC Casual Gaming Market
Categorizing Key Players
Market Positioning of Major Companies
Casual Game Developers’ Annual Revenue
Summary of Selected Developers
Selected Casual Game Publishers
Selected Casual Game Aggregators
Selected Casual Game Portals
A Comparison of Common Technology Platforms
North American Casual Game Retailer Revenue Model – 2005
Breakeven and Profitability Analysis: Download Model
Top Ten Casual Game Portals (April 2007)
Major Subscription Programs in the U.S.
Summary of Advergames Developers
A Comparison of Existing Business Models
Number of Xbox Live! Subscribers
Competitive Analysis of Game Consoles
Worldwide Sales Momentum of Three New Consoles
Game Consoles and Casual Offerings
Casual Game Retail Landscape (PC Only)
Handheld Platform Casual Titles
Time Spent on Gaming Device
Selected Casual MMO/Advanced Casual Games with Micro-transaction
Advanced Casual Games Overview
Overview of Casual MMOs
Formation of the Middle Market of the Video Game Industry
Mergers & Acquisitions and Investment
Game Portals Utilizing User-Generated Content
U.S. Forecast of Total Casual Gaming Revenue
Detailed Breakdown of Forecast Numbers
Comparison of CAGR by Type of Business Model (2006-2012)
Casual Game Revenue Model - 2007
Casual Game Revenue Model - 2012

Resource Book

U.S. Consumers Play Online Games Most Often
Adoption of Five Casual Gaming Services: 2006 vs. 2007
Trends in Casual PC Gamer Demographics 2006-2007
Interest in Web-Gaming Service with Rich Features: by Age and Gender
Trends in Casual PC Gamer Demographics 2006-2007 by Education
Trends in Casual PC Gamer Demographics 2006-2007 by Income
Top Five Online Gaming Services: by Percentage of Paying Users
Online Gaming Services
Using Online Gaming Services
Awareness of XBOX Live Service
XBOX Live Service Usage among Xbox & Xbox 360 Users by Age
XBOX Live Service Usage among Xbox & Xbox 360 Users by Gender
Genres of Console Casual Games Played by XLS Usage Groups
Types of Games Played Personally
Casual Game Genres Played by Gender & Age
Summary of the Six Gamer Segments
PC Casual vs. Core Gaming Audience by Segment
Console Casual vs. Core Gaming Audience by Segment
PC Casual vs. Core Gaming Audience by Age and Gender
Console Casual vs. Core Gaming Audience by Age and Gender
Among Groups: Number of Hours per Month Online vs. Offline
Among Groups: PC Gaming Session Online vs. Offline
Adults vs. Teenagers: Social Gaming Habits
Among Adults: Social Gaming Habits
Among Adults: Gaming Time Split
Monthly Expenditure on Gaming
PC Gaming Under-monetized Compared to Console Gaming
Monthly Expenditure on Computer Games by Age and Gender
Monthly Expenditure on Console Games by Age and Gender
Monthly Expenditure on Online Games
Monthly Expenditure on Online Games among PC Casual Audienc
Among Casual Gamer Groups: Adoption of MMOG
Among Groups: Interest in MMOG
MMOG Intenders by Age and Gender
Perception of In-Game Advertising
Power Gamers Have Strong Opinions about Game Advertising
Opinion about Seeing In-Game Ads to Win Prizes: by Gender and Age
Opinion about Seeing In-Game Ads if it Helps Reduce Cost
Opinion about Seeing In-Game Ads if it Helps Enhance Game Play
Least Intrusive Approach of Ad Insertion: by Age and Gender

Publish Date: 3Q 2007

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