Cloud Media and the Digital Locker

Cloud media and digital locker services provide for both external storage of, and multiplatform access to, premium and user-generated content. This report identifies the emerging services and enabling technologies as well as consumer attitudes regarding such features.

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The Bottom Line

Cloud Media and the Digital Locker Dashboard

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2 Data Sources

1.3 Companies Briefed

1.4 Definitions of Terms and Acronyms

2.0   Consumer Interest in Digital Locker/Cloud Media Services

2.1 Digital Locker Attitudes and Preferences

2.1.1    Attitudes about Virtually-hosted content

2.1.2    Appeal of the Digital Locker

2.1.3    Preferred Access Devices

For Video

For Music

For Photos

For User-generated Video

For Pay-TV

For DVR Content

For E-books

For Games

2.1.4    Distribution Preferences, by Media Type

2.1.5    Importance of Digital Locker Features

2.1.6    Preferred Digital Locker Provider

2.1.7    Willingness to Pay for a Digital Locker

2.2 Interest in Mobile-centric Cloud Media/Digital locker Features

2.2.1    Interest in Mobile Backup Service

2.2.2    Interest in Mobile Synching Service

3.0   Emerging Services

3.1 Backup and Synching Services

3.1.1    Cloud Based Solutions and Services

3.1.2    Cloud Hardware: Hybrid Backup & Synching Solutions

3.2 Lifestyle and Media Management Services

3.3 Music Services

3.4 Video Services

3.4.1    nDVR

3.4.2    VOD’s Transition to a Digital Locker

3.5 Mobile-centric Solutions

3.5.1    Digital Locker Efforts

Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE)

Keychest and Disney Studio All Access (The Walt Disney Co.)

3.5.2    Cloud Gaming

4.0   Key Technologies

4.1 Storage and Content Management

4.2 Production/Publication

4.3 Distribution

4.4 Authentication/Content Protection

5.0   Implications and Recommendations

Digital Locker Attitudes
Digital Locker Appeal
Desired Platform for Video Digital Locker
Desired Platform for Music Digital Locker
Desired Platform for Photo Digital Locker
Desired Platform for Home Movie Digital Locker
Desired Platform for Pay TV Digital Locker
Desired Platform for DVR Content Digital Locker
Desired Platform for eBook Digital Locker
Desired Platform for Games Digital Locker
Preferences for Physical over Electronic Media
Importance of Digital Locker Features
Likelihood of Using Digital Locker by Provider Type
Willingness to Pay for Digital Locker
Interest in Mobile Backup Service
Interest in Synching Files Across Multiple Mobile Devices
Willingness to Pay for Synching Services
Cloud-based Synching, Storage, Backup and File Sharing Services
Pogoplug Device Operational Diagram
NAS-based Personal Cloud Devices and Solutions
Lifestyle and Media Management Service Providers
Cloud Music Services
Cloud Video Services
Mobile Centric Lifestyle Solutions
White Label Media Management Providers
Media Production and Publication Solution Providers
Cloud Distribution Model
Distribution Technologies and Systems

Publish Date: 1Q 2011

Pages: 57

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Authored by Laura Allen Phillips and Kurt Scherf
Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
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