Competition in the Residential Security Market

The age-old market for professional monitoring in the residential market is transitioning to a broad smart home marketplace with traditional providers under attack by new entrants. The introduction of home controls and self-monitored systems will both expand and shift the market. This report examines the new choices available to consumers and their impact on the market. The report also provides a five-year forecasts for professional and self-monitored security in the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe from 2014-2019, along with the adoption of smart home features.

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1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report

1.2 Scope of Report

1.3 Research Approach/Sources

2.0   The Residential Security Value Chain

2.1 Trends Impacting Security Control Panels and Sensors

2.1.1    Sensor Integration

2.1.2    Data Analytics

2.1.3    Smart Home Control

2.1.4    Self-Contained Control Panels

2.2 Security Control Panel Competitors

2.2.1    2GIG

2.2.2    Resolution Products

2.2.3    Qolsys

2.2.4    Vivint SkyControl

2.3 Trends Impacting Communication Services

2.3.1    Regulatory Framework

2.3.2    Competing Communication Technologies

2.3.3    POTS

2.3.4    Cellular

2.3.5    Broadband Communication

2.3.6    Hybrid Redundant Systems

2.4 Communication Services Competitors

2.4.1    Telguard

2.4.2    Icontrol


2.4.4    Uplink

2.4.5    Total Connect

2.5 Trends Impacting Interactive Services and Home Controls

2.5.1    Product Breadth and Depth

2.5.2    Data Analytics

2.5.3    Distributed Intelligence

2.5.4    Open Systems

2.5.5    New Business Models

2.6 Interactive Services and Smart Home Platform Competitors


2.6.2    Icontrol

2.6.3    Honeywell Total Connect

2.6.4    New Competitors

2.7 Trends Impacting Central Stations

2.7.1    Redundancy

2.7.2    PERS

2.7.3    Video Services

2.7.4    Automated Dispatch

3.0   Residential Security Market

3.1 Trends Impacting the Professionally-Monitored Security Market

3.1.1    Market Expansion

3.1.2    Expectations for Improved Attrition

3.1.3    Self-Installed Systems

3.2 Professionally-Monitored Security Competitors

3.2.1    ADT

3.2.2    Monitronics

3.2.3    Vivint

3.2.4    Local Independent Dealers

3.2.5    Comcast

3.2.6    AT&T

3.2.7    SimpliSafe

3.3 Trends Impacting the Self-Monitored Security Market

3.3.1    Price Sensitive Customers

3.3.2    Smart Products

3.4 Self-Monitored Security Competitors

3.4.1    Lowe’s

3.4.2    Staples

3.4.3    Canary

4.0   Forecast

4.1 Security Adoption

4.2 Security Revenue Forecasts

5.0   Appendix

5.1 Glossary

5.2 Company Index

Competitive Elements in the Residential Security Value Chain
Technology Trends Impacting the Network Camera Market
Security Dealer Survey: Residential Security Panel Purchase Drivers
Security Dealer Survey: Residential Security Panel Purchase Drivers
Impact of Net Neutrality Ruling on Competitor Services
Security Dealer Survey: Primary Communication Path
Companies Expanding Products to Include Communication and Interactive Services
Security Dealer Survey: Purchase Drivers for Interactive Service Providers
Security Dealer Survey: Most Desired Home Control Devices
Evolution of Smart Products and Services
Icontrol Subscriber Counts
Vivint Sky Platform Breadth
PERS Market by Channel
Consumer Survey: Security Systems Sales by Market Segment
Consumer Survey: Frequency of Arming Security Systems
Impact of Interactive Services on Attrition
Consumer Survey: Installation Preferences
Consumer Survey: Security System Installation by Length of Ownership
ADT Customer Acquisitions by Channel
ADT Recurring Monthly Revenue
ADT Subscriber Acquisition Costs by Channel
Monitronics Business Model
Vivint Subscribers
Vivint Average RMR for New Subscribers
Vivint Attrition 2011-2014
Security Dealer Survey: Top Reasons to Offer Interactive Services to Customers
Consumer Survey: Monitoring Service Cost by Length of Ownership
Consumer Survey: Consumer Adoption of Video Storage Services
Consumer Survey: Purchase Drivers for Security Systems
Consumer Survey: Purchase Barriers for Security Systems
Consumer Survey: Owners and Renters by Age
Lowe's Iris Sales Data
Demand for Security Systems with Home Control by Business Model
Adoption of Professional and Self Monitored Security (2008-2018)
Residential Security Monitoring Revenue Forecast

Publish Date: 4Q 2014

Pages: 82

Authored By:
Tom Kerber - Senior Director, IoT Strategy and Custom Research

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