Connected Appliances: Evolution and Uses

This report focuses on connected major appliances in the home as they apply to home energy management, home controls, and smart grid applications in the U.S. It examines the technologies, communicating standards, and business cases for connected appliances. It also gauges the growth potential for the market and the impact of connectivity over the next five years in the appliance industry.

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The Bottom Line

1.0              Introduction

1.1              Key Questions Addressed

1.2              Scope of Report

1.3              Research Approach

2.0              Technology – Enabling Connected Devices

2.1              Technology Enabling Companies

2.2              Internet of Things

2.3              Business Implications

3.0              Criteria for Success

4.0              Market Drivers – Forces Creating Demand

4.1              Kitchen Appliances

4.2              Laundry Appliances

4.3              Hot Water Heater

4.4              Thermostat

5.0              Forecasts

6.0              Recommendations

7.0              Notes on Methodology

7.1              Data Sources

8.0              Index

Companies Interviewed or Profiled
Communication Technologies in Connected Appliances
Approaches to Interoperability
Technology Companies Enabling Connected Appliances Profiles
Groups of Converging Technologies for the Internet of Things
Steps to Transition to Standard Protocols
Pathway to Success for Connected Appliances
Willingness to Allow Energy Company to Monitor/Manage Appliances
How Residential Energy Is Used: U.S. Households
Current Rate Charges by Utility Type
Energy Reduction Actions
Appeal of Monitoring Home Appliances and Devices
Major Appliance Manufacturers Company Profiles
Appeal of Connected Refrigerator Features
Appeal of Connected Dishwasher Features
Appeal of Connected Clothes Washer Features
Appeal of Connected Clothes Dryer Features
Type of Primary Thermostat
Appliance Lifecycles and Penetration
Forecast % Connected Appliances – Kitchen Appliances
Forecast % Connected Appliances – Laundry Appliances

Publish Date: 1Q 2013

Pages: 57

Authored By:
Melissa Duchin - Research Analyst

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