The Connected Home and Services in the U.S.: A Roadmap of the Future

This report analyzes opportunities for access service providers (broadband, television, mobile) to deliver connected home value-added services and applications. The report covers value-added service categories including premium tech support, communications services, entertainment, and home and health control and monitoring.

”Broadband as a lone service is becoming highly commoditized; as a consequence, ‘speeds-and-feeds’-based marketing is changing as consumers can get the same or similar services from other providers,” said Kurt Scherf, vice president, principal analyst, Parks Associates. “The ability by service providers to offer connected home services to their customers is important to retaining customers and building future revenues.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0 Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2 Data Sources

1.3 Companies Briefed

2.0 Defining the Connected Home

2.1 Opportunities and Challenges

2.2 Defining Connected Home Components

2.3 Connected Home Benefits

2.3.1 For Service Providers

2.3.2 For Consumers

3.0 The Role of the Service Provider in the Connected Home

3.1 Stage One: Service and Device Activation

3.2 Stage Two: Value-added Services

3.2.1 The Service Provider Strategy

3.2.2 Focus on Key Value-added Features

Cloud Services: Lifestyle Coordination to Ubiquitous Media Access

Premium Technical Support

Multiplatform Content

Connected Home Systems and Services

3.2.3 Home Monitoring/Home Security

3.2.4 Energy

4.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

Broadband and Home Network Growth
Connected Home Components
Broadband Service Providers Contacted for Tech Support
Operational Savings Realized with Service and Device Management Systems
Connected Home Benefits: Operators and Consumers
Features Set-up with Home Network
Interest in Home Network-enabled Applications
Service Provider Strategic Considerations
How do Value-added Services Contribute to Customer Satisfaction?
How is Data/File Back-up Occurring?
Data/File Management Attitudes
Interested in Hosted Backup: Computers and Mobile Phones
Evolution of the Personal Cloud
Where are Consumers Most-likely to Use Professional Tech Support?
Technical Support Services: Current Use and Interest
Notable U.S. Broadband Premium Tech Support Services
Notable U.S. Broadband Premium Tech Support Services
Use of Online Video Services
Hours per Week Watching TV: All Viewers vs. Netflix Users
Likelihood of Switching or Cancelling Providers
High Likelihood of Cancelling Pay-TV Service
Interest in Multiscreen Pay-TV Offering
Television Operators Working with Connected TV Devices
Multi-platform Video Content Evolution
Solutions Providers: Home Monitoring
Interest in Home Monitoring/Home Security from Operator
Operator-provided Home Monitoring/Security Services
Interest in Energy and Remote Control Features
Examples of Operator-provided Home Security Services

Publish Date: 1Q 2011

Pages: 51

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