Connected Living Room: Web-enabled TVs and Blu-ray Players

This report examines the market for consumer electronics providing online video access to the television. It specifically examines connected TVs, connected Blu-ray players, PC-to-TV connections, and networked digital video player set-top boxes. This report covers key technology solutions and provides worldwide forecasts through 2015.

”As the industry prepares to unveil the fourth generation of connected TVs and related devices in early 2011, a significant focus in the networked consumer electronics space will be in developing products to receive multiple types of content and applications,” said Kurt Scherf, vice president, principal analyst, Parks Associates. “Online and Web content will be prevalent, and connected consumer electronics will play a more significant role in delivering operator-managed services and content to consumers.”

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The Bottom Line

Annual Unit Sales/Installations of Connected TV Devices

1.0 Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report
1.2 Data Sources
1.3 Companies Briefed

2.0 The Connected TV Device Landscape

2.1 Defining Connected TV Devices

2.1.1 PC-to-TV Connections
2.1.2 Connected Game Consoles

2.2 Connected TVs

2.2.1 Applications that Encourage Internet and TV Connectivity
2.2.2 Likelihood of Purchasing a Connected TV
2.2.3 Connected TV Use

2.3 Connected Blu-ray Players
2.4 Digital Video Players

3.0 Content Driving Connected Consumer Electronics

3.1 Bringing the Online Experience to Connected TV Devices

3.1.1 Video

Major U.S. Online Video Aggregators
Major European Online Video Aggregators
Managed Network Video and Connected TV Device Linkages

3.1.2 Music

Major U.S. Digital Music Services
Major European Digital Music Services

3.1.3 Games

4.0 Forecasts

4.1 Connected TVs
4.2 Connected Blu-ray Disc Players
4.3 Connected Game Consoles
4.4 Digital Video Players
4.5 U.S. Sales Compared to Worldwide

5.0 Implications and Recommendations

Connected TV Device Penetration and Use for VoD
Connected TV Devices
Households Using PC-to-TV Connections to Watch Online Video
PC-to-TV Locations
PC-to-TV Connection Frequency
PC-to-TV Connection Method
Online Content Accessed through PC-to-TV Connections
PC-to-TV Reference Designs and Products
Console Owners with Internet-connected Consoles
Game Consoles and Online Video
Online Content Accessed through Connected Game Consoles
Connected TV Content Offerings
Applications Most-likely to Drive Connectivity
High Likelihood of Purchasing a Connected TV
Internet-connected TVs
Online Content Accessed through Connected TVs
Connected Blu-ray Player Content Offerings
Blu-ray Disc Player Unit Sales
Likelihood of Purchasing a Blu-ray Disc Player
Internet-connected Blu-ray Disc Players
Online Content Accessed through Connected Blu-ray Players
Digital Video Player Content Offerings
Likelihood of Purchasing a Digital Video Player
Likelihood of Purchasing a Digital Video Player
Online Video Providers and Device Availability: U.S.
Online Video Providers and Device Availability: U.S.
Online Video Providers and Device Availability: Europe
Additional Online Video Offerings: Major European Countries
Television Operators Working with Connected TV Devices
Major U.S. Digital Music Services
Major European Digital Music Services
Games-on-TV Major Developers
Connected TV Sales: Global
Connected Blu-ray Disc Player Sales: Global
Connected Game Console Sales: Global
Digital Video Player Sales: Global
Connected Devices Sales: U.S.

Publish Date: 4Q 2010

Pages: 60

Authored By:

Authored by Kurt Scherf
Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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Dallas, Texas 75230

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