Consumer Storage Opportunities

This report examines the consumer electronic ecosystem for data and media backup, safekeeping, storage, and sharing. It analyzes key trends in hardware and software development and provides industry forecasts for network-attached storage products.

“The rapidly declining cost for storage has created the opportunity for affordable backup, safekeeping, and network-oriented storage for the mass market,” said Kurt Scherf, vice president, principal analyst, Parks Associates. “What will drive developments in 2010 and beyond are networking, media sharing and streaming, and the role of consumer storage products as true media hubs.”

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1.0   Notes on Methodology

1.1 Data Sources

1.2 Definitions

2.0   Consumer Storage Devices: An Overview

2.1 Classifying Consumer Storage Solutions

2.1.1 Portable/Mobile Storage

2.1.2 Direct-attached Storage

2.1.3 Network-attached Storage and Home Server

2.1.4 Storage and Digital Media Players

3.0   Catalysts for the Home Server

3.1 Consumer Factors

3.1.1 Digital Media Use on the Rise

3.1.2 Backup and Safekeeping

3.1.3 Sharing

3.1.4 Home Networking’s Evolution beyond Just Data

3.1.5 Evolution of NAS Devices

3.2 Business Factors

3.2.1 Established Players Seeking New Markets

3.2.2 The Role of Service Providers: Network-hosted and Local Storage Strategies

3.3 Key Components of the Consumer Storage Experience

3.3.1 Connectivity Approaches

3.3.2 Storage Media Flash Media

3.3.3 Home Networking Technologies

3.3.4 Software/Middleware Solutions

3.3.5 Industry-led Efforts to Create Connected Product Ecosystems

4.0 Market Forecasts

5.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

5.1 For Storage CE Companies

5.2 For Service Providers

5.3 For Technology Providers

Portable Device Adoption and Usage
Broadband Households with Hard-Drive Failures
Consumer Storage Product Categories
Portable Storage Devices
Direct Attached Storage Devices
Networked Attached Storage Devices and Home Servers
Storage Vendors and Digital Media Players
Digital Media Activities
Gigabytes of Storage Needed for U.S. Households
Current and Potential Future for “Place-shifting”
Data Backup Habits
Attitudes about Digital Media, Storage and Sharing
How Do Consumers Backup Content?
Consumers and Backup (2006 vs. 2009)
Important Storage Features for NAS Devices
Sharing Features for NAS Devices
Households with Data Networks
Important Networking Features for NAS Devices
Evolution of NAS Devices
Seagate: Unit Shipments of Consumer Electronics Hard Drives
Interest in a Network-Hosted Storage Solution
Network-hosted Storage vs. Physical Storage
Hardware Vendors and Online Storage
“No-New-Wires” Home Networking Solutions
Software/Middleware Providers
DLNA Certified NAS Products
DLNA Vision
DLNA Interoperability Stack
Quarterly Revenues – Seagate and Western Digital
NAS Sales Forecast Methodology
NAS Unit Sales
NAS Revenue Forecast
Importance of Brand by Product Category
Purchasing Factors by Product Category

Publish Date: 1Q 2010

Pages: 60

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Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
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