Trends in Content Licensing

This report examines current video content licensing trends and the impact of those trends on players throughout the content licensing ecosystem. The report explores several areas of content licensing including licensing movies vs. television, branded content, content release windows, multiscreen services, time-shifting, live events, and content exclusivity. The report also includes a forecast for licensing revenues for pay-TV content and provides implications and recommendations for various players in the content licensing marketplace.

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The Bottom Line


1.0   The Content Licensing Ecosystem

1.1 Players in the Licensing Ecosystem

1.1.1    Content Creators

1.1.2    Studios and Production Companies

1.1.3    Networks and Motion Picture Distributors

1.1.4    Consumer Video Providers

1.1.5    Intermediary Players and New Entrants

2.0   Television and Movie Licensing Trends

2.1 Content Trends

2.1.1    Movie vs. Television Program Consumption

2.2 TV Provider Trends

3.0   Licensing for Multiscreen and Time-shifting

3.1 Television Services

3.2 Hardware Solutions

3.3 The Impact of Content Re-broadcasting

4.0   Live Events, Sports, and Exclusive Content

5.0   Forecast

5.1 Global Revenues for Licensed TV Content

6.0   Implications and Recommendations

6.1 Entertainment Companies

6.2 Networks and Broadcasters

6.3 Pay-TV Providers

6.4 OTT Providers

7.0   Report Methodology

8.0   Glossary


The Content Licensing Ecosystem
Profiles of Walt Disney Company and Time Warner
Profiles of 21st Century Fox and NBCUniversal
Profiles of CBS Corporation and Viacom
Profile of Sony Pictures
Sources to Watch TV Programs and Movies at Home
Feature Film Release Windows
Television Content Release Windows
Reasons for Cancelling Pay-TV Service
Considerations in Cord Cutting
Most Important Video Sources by Age
TV Everywhere Awareness
Video Consumption by Platform
Important Home Video Sources
Revenues on Licensed TV Content Forecast Methodology
Forecast: Revenues for Licensed TV Content (By Region)

Publish Date: 1Q 2014

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Authored By:
Glenn Hower - Senior Analyst

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