Disruption in Video Sourcing and Production

Internet video has shaped the way content creators produce and deliver video to their audiences, from affordable equipment to innovation in storytelling techniques. While YouTube videos have yet to overtake traditional television and movies, the millions of views that popular Internet video stars garner have led to a convergence of traditional media and Internet video. This report explores key factors leading to audience growth in Internet video, identifies areas of convergence between Internet video and traditional media, and assesses the future of video consumption in a digital future.

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1.0         Report Summary

1.1         Purpose of Report

1.2         Scope of Report

1.3         Research Approach/Sources

2.0         User-generated Online Video

2.1         Current Usage

2.2         Disruptive Factors Influencing User-generated Online Video

2.3         Crossover Opportunities

2.4         Implications

3.0         Live Streaming Apps

3.1         Current Live Streaming Usage

3.2         Disruptive Factors Influencing Live Streaming

3.3         Crossover Opportunities

3.4         Implications

4.0         Social Video Platforms

4.1         Current Social Video Platforms and Usage

4.2         Disruptive Factors Influencing Social Video

4.3         Crossover Opportunities

4.4         Implications

5.0         Forecast – User-generated Online Video

5.1         Forecast Methodology

5.2         Forecast

6.0         Recommendations

6.1         Studios and Producers

6.2         Video Service Operators

6.3         Advertisers

6.4         Social Media Platforms

7.0         Appendix

7.1         Glossary

7.2         Index

Use of User-generated Online Video by Age
Weekly Use of User-generated Online Video on Specified Devices
Weekly Use of User-generated Online Video on Specified Devices
Weekly Use of User-generated Online Video on Specified Devices by Age
Likelihood of Engaging in Business Activities
Likelihood of Engaging in Business Activities by Age
Educational YouTube Channels
Use of Live Streaming Apps for Specified Functions over the Last 30 Days
Smartphone Penetration - U.S.
Smartphone Penetration - Europe
Comparison of Live Streaming Apps
Comparison of Social Video Apps
User-generated Online Video Viewers Forecast Methodology
Forecast: User-generated Online Video Viewers

Publish Date: 4Q 2016

Pages: 55

Authored By:
Glenn Hower - Senior Analyst

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