Cross-Platform Ad Metrics & Reporting

This report employs a competitor analysis framework to assess the major U.S. digital video (digital TV and online video) audience measurement firms. The study constructs competitor profiles to determine which digital video audience measurement firm(s) is strategically positioned to provide an industry-recognized, cross-platform digital video audience metric standard.

“Increasing demand to quantify and evaluate the impact of video content as it is consumed individually and across multiple screens is driving innovation in the audience measurement field,” said Heather Way, research analyst, Parks Associates. “Industry efforts to develop an integrated video measurement standard have been incredibly complex. To date, there is no scalable, single-source TV and online video audience metric system to determine if or how the two mediums complement or overlap one another from a usage and advertising perspective.”

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1.0 Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report

1.2 Scope of Report

1.3 Research Approach

1.3.1 Source of Data

1.3.2 Glossary of Terms

2.0 Digital Video Viewers

2.1 Digital Video Usage Trends and Behaviors

3.0 Digital Video Media Campaign Planning, Buying, and Selling Exchange

3.1 Advertising Metrics

3.2 Pricing Models

3.3 Television and Online Video Consumer Advertising Recall and Preference

4.0 Digital Video Audience Measurement: A Competitive Assessment

4.1 Digital Video Measurement Competitive Analysis

4.1.1 Primary Competitors

4.1.2 Indirect Competitors

4.1.3 Advertising Industry Trade Associations

4.2 Digital Video Audience Measurement Methodology

5.0 Conclusions

5.1 Implications

5.2 Recommendations

6.0 Resource Book

6.1 Digital Video Audience Measurement Competitor Profiles

6.1.1 Arbitron

6.1.2 Canoe Ventures

6.1.3 Compete

6.1.4 comScore

6.1.5 Concurrent

6.1.6 Datran Media

6.1.7 Dynamic Logic

6.1.8 Experian Simmons

6.1.9 GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence, Inc (GfK MRI)

6.1.10 Google

6.1.11 Kantar Media (formerly TNS Media)

6.1.12 Nielsen Media Research

6.1.13 Omniture

6.1.14 Quantcast

6.1.15 Rentrak

6.1.16 Rovi Corporation

6.1.17 TiVo

6.1.18 TRA

6.1.19 Tubemogul

6.1.20 Visible Measures

6.1.21 Vindico (BBE)

6.2 Online Video Ad Campaign Management and Ad Server Company Profiles

6.3 Advanced TV Ad Campaign Management Company Profiles

Source of Data

Advertising Metrics Glossary of Terms

Multi-Platform Video Viewers

Consumers Who Prefer to Watch Video on TV Set

Method of Watching Online Video

Online Video Viewing Inhibitors – Top Five

Online Video Users Likelihood to Cancel Pay-TV Service

Motivations to Cut the Cord

Video Consumer Ad Recall

Television Consumer Ad Preference

Internet Consumer Ad Preference

Digital Video Audience Measurement and Reporting

Cross-Platform Digital Video Audience Measurement – Competitor Strength Grid

Advertising Trade Associations

Digital Video Audience Measurement Methodology

Publish Date: 4Q 2010

Pages: 92

Authored By:

Authored by Heather Way

Executive Editor: Tricia Parks

Published by Parks Associates

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Dallas, Texas 75230

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