Cross-Platform Apps: Market Update

This report provides an analytical review and update of the cross-platform app marketplace from smartphones to smart TVs. The study offers strategic insight into key consumer use cases by device platform as well as the monetization tactics and revenue estimates for market expansion.

The variety in device form factors and fragmentation in app platforms make it challenging for developers to design and develop apps that work across all devices and platforms. “Cross-platform apps that are well designed provide a great user experience across any device or platform and act as a strong lever in engaging and retaining customers,” said Tejas Mehta, Research Analyst at Parks Associates. “Cross-platform apps are also opening up new frontiers in interactivity and creating opportunities for monetization for app developers.”

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Data Points

The Bottom Line

1.0          Report Summary

1.1          Purpose of the Report

1.2          Scope of the Report

1.3          Data Sources

2.0          Cross-Platform App Trends

2.1          Cross-Platform Apps Drivers

2.1.1       Proliferation of Connected Devices

2.1.2       Operating System Fragmentation

2.1.3       Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

2.2          Design and Development of Cross-Platform Apps

2.2.1       Design Considerations

2.2.2       Development Strategies and Approaches

2.3          Cross-Platform Apps Platforms and Technologies

2.3.1       HTML 5

2.3.2       Cross-Platform Development Platforms

2.4          Cross-Platform Apps Use Cases

2.4.1       TV/Game Console Companion Apps

2.4.2       Digital Publishing Apps

2.4.3       Media and Entertainment Apps

2.4.4       Retail and Commerce Apps

3.0          Cross-Platform App Distribution and Monetization

3.1          App Distribution Channels

3.2          App Metrics

3.2.1       App Usage Metrics

3.2.2       App Engagement Metrics

3.3          App Monetization Strategies

3.3.1       Fee-based apps

3.3.2       In-app Purchases (IAP)

3.3.3       In-app Advertising

4.0          Cross-Platform App Downloads and Revenue Forecasts, United States 2014-2018

4.1          Forecast Methodology

4.2          Forecast Assumptions

4.3          Smartphone and Tablet App Downloads

4.4          In-app Purchases (IAPs)

4.5          Smartphone and Tablet App Revenues

5.0          Market Implications and Recommendations

6.0          Appendix

6.1          Glossary

6.2          Company Index

Companies Interviewed or Researched for Report
Connected Device Platforms
US Households with Internet Connected CE Device
Changes in Home Entertainment Device Penetration
Major Smartphone OS
Legacy and Emerging Smartphone OS
Mobile App Usage by Smartphone OS
Top Five App functions by Connected Device Platform
App Use Cases: Smartphones v. Tablets (Q312)
Comparison of Native, Web, and Hybrid App Development Approaches
Cross-Platform App Development Tools
Second Screen Activities While Watching TV
TV and Gaming Console Second Screen Apps
Mobile Commerce App Use
Examples of App Distribution Channels
Categorization of Connected App Download Types and Revenue Models
Connected App Revenue Forecast Methodology - N.A
App Downloads – United States Smartphones & Tablets 2014-2018
% of App Downloads by Type – United States 2014-2018
In-app Purchases (IAPs) –United States Smartphones & Tablets 2014-2018
Smartphone and Tablet App Revenues – United States 2014-2018
% of Smartphone and Tablet App Revenues by Type – U.S. 2014-2018

Publish Date: 4Q 2013

Pages: 51

Authored By:
Tejas Mehta - Chief Data Scientist

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