Digital Audio for the Connected Consumer

The market for audio equipment is experiencing strong growth as more consumers adopt streaming audio. This report looks at growth trends and the future outlook for key audio devices, including headphones, soundbars, speakers, and streaming sound systems. The report also examines the implications for digital audio content and services as consumers access these services in the connected home and through connected CE. The report includes a five-year forecast for key streaming audio devices, accessories, and services.

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1.0        Report Summary

1.1        Purpose of Report

1.2        Scope of Report

1.3        Research Approach/Sources

2.0        The Connected Audio Ecosystem

2.1        Audio Content and Services Landscape

2.2        Connected Audio Devices Landscape

3.0        Audio Encoding and Compression

4.0        Streaming Audio Service Adoption and Consumption

4.1        Streaming Audio Service Adoption

4.2        Drivers and Inhibitors of Streaming Audio Adoption

4.2.1    Drivers

4.2.2    Inhibitors

4.3        Digital Music Licensing

4.4        Profiles of Streaming Music Services

5.0        Market Dynamics for Connected Audio Devices

5.1        Market Drivers

5.1.1    The Shift to Mobile Continues

5.1.2    The Shift to Wireless Continues

5.1.3    Ease of Installation, Setup, and Relocation for Wireless Devices

5.1.4    Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, and Streaming Media Devices

5.1.5    High-Fidelity Audio Made More Affordable

5.2        Market Inhibitors

5.2.1    Investment in Legacy Products and Long Replacement Cycles

5.2.2    Low-Capacity Broadband and Device Competition

5.3        The High-Resolution Audio (HRA) Movement

5.4        Competition and Confusion among Streaming Audio Technologies

5.4.1    Bluetooth

5.4.2    Apple AirPlay

5.4.3    Google Cast

5.4.4    Sonos

5.4.5    Qualcomm AllPlay

5.4.6    DTS Play-Fi

5.4.7    WiSA

6.0        Consumer Demand for Connected Audio Devices

6.1        Audio Device Ownership

6.2        2014 Audio Device Purchases

6.3        Market Trends, Leading Products, and Innovations

6.3.1    Headphones Trends and Innovations

Innovative Headphones

6.3.2    Wireless Speaker Trends and Innovations

Innovative Wireless Speakers

6.3.3    Soundbar Trends and Innovations

6.3.4    Multi-Room Audio System Trends and Innovations

7.0        Forecasts for Music Services and Audio Devices

7.1        Music Services Forecast Methodology

7.2        Music Services Forecast

7.3        Device Forecast Methodology

7.4        Headphones Forecast

7.5        Wireless Speakers Forecast

7.6        Soundbars Forecast

7.7        Multi-room Audio Systems Forecast

8.0        Implications and Recommendations

8.1        Streaming Audio Service Providers

8.2        Internet Service Providers

8.3        Connected Audio Device Makers

9.0        Appendix

9.1        Glossary

9.2        Index

9.3        Images

9.4        Performance Rights and Copyright Collection Societies

Timeline of the Connected Audio Ecosystem
Adoption of Online Music Service Subscriptions by Audio Streaming
Adoption of Specified Online Music Service Subscriptions
Spotify's Royalty Formula
Comparison of Internet Radio Services
Comparison of Paid Streaming Audio Services
Consumer Electronics Device Ownership (2009 – 2015)
Wireless CE Audio Devices
Technology Used to Connect Wireless Speakers
Ownership of Home Entertainment Devices
Capabilities of Competing Wireless Audio Technologies
Eight Considerations for Choosing Wireless Audio Technology
Audio Device and Accessories Ownership
Audio Device Purchase in 2014
Brand of Headphone Purchased in 2014
Innovative Headphone Products
Brand of Speaker Purchased in 2014
Innovative Wireless Speakers
Brand of Soundbar Purchased
Brand of Connected Music System Purchased in 2014
Eight Potential Components of a Wi-Fi Based Whole Home Audio System
Streaming Audio Services and Revenue Forecast Methodology
Global Forecast: Free Streaming Audio Accounts
Global Forecast: Advertising Revenue from Free Audio Services
Global Forecast: Paid Audio Service Subscriptions
Global Forecast: Subscription Revenue from Paid Audio Services
Connected Audio Devices Forecast Methodology
Global Forecast: Headphone Unit Sales by Region
Global Forecast: Wireless Speaker Unit Sales by Region
Global Forecast: Soundbar Unit Sales by Region
Global Forecast: Multi-room Audio System Unit Sales by Region

Publish Date: 3Q 2015

Pages: 87

Authored By:
Brad Russell - Research Director, Connected Home
Glenn Hower - Senior Analyst

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