Digital Health in Western Europe and Canada

Digital Health in Western Europe and Canada highlights digital health initiatives (also called e-health) in those countries but probes deeper into how the health care system works, analyzes the catalysts that drive the industry transformation taking place in each of these nations. The report also profiles leading technology vendors selling digital health solutions in those countries and evaluates their market positions and strategies.

“Western Europe and Canada have the most interesting digital health initiatives outside the U.S.,” said Harry Wang, Senior Analyst with Parks Associates. “While the market for digital health solutions is still at the germination stage in those nations, the seeds for a full blossom have been sowed by their governments. With appropriate amount of nurturing efforts from industry constituents in those nations, the digital health market can have an early blooming season.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Notes on Methodology

1.1 Methodology
1.2 Definitions
1.3 Scope of Report 

2.0   Overview of Healthcare Systems in Europe and Canada

2.1 Healthcare Delivery: A Multi-nation Comparison

2.2 Healthcare Technology Reimbursement

2.3 Government Regulations and Policy Orientations

2.4 The Home Care Market and Its Influence on Digital Home Health

3.0   Digital Health Applications and Services

3.1 Enabling Technologies and Targeted Disease States

3.2 Analysis of Business Models

3.3 Digital Health Projects and Pilot Programs in Europe and Canada

4.0   Analysis of Major Stakeholders and Influencers

4.1 Governments: Reform Initiatives and Legislation 

4.2 General Practitioners and Specialists

4.3 Private Insurers

4.4 Medical Device Manufacturers

5.0   Key Industry Issues

5.1 Obtaining Funding and Reimbursement

5.2 Patient and Provider Education

5.3 Technology Standards and Medical Liability

5.4 Summary of Industry Drivers and Barriers

6.0   Market Forecasts and Implications

6.1 Market Potential Analysis

6.2 Market Implications and Recommendations

Resource Book

Section I:  Health System in Western Europe and Canada

United Kingdom





The Netherlands


Section II: Company Profiles

A&D Medical


Alere Medical

ArztPartner Almeda

Auto Control Medical




eHIT Ltd

Fold Telecare

IgeaCare Systems, Inc.


Initial Attendo

Instromedix (Card Guard)

Invicta Telecare

Just Checking

Mckesson Provider Technology


PHD Medical

PHTS Telemedizin


SRS Technology Limited


VaaSah Inc.

Vigil Health Solutions

Vitaphone GmbH


Vivatec Limited


Welch Allyn Inc.

The Bottom Line

Overview of Health Care System in Western Europe and Canada

Source of Reimbursement for Healthcare Technology Products and Services

Regulation of Health Services and Technologies

Home Care Market Structure and Characteristics

Examples of Health Monitoring Central Stations

Examples of Health Monitoring Peripheral Devices

Mobile Device-based Telehealth Solutions and Initiatives

TV-based Telehealth Solutions and Initiatives

Telecare Monitoring Peripheral Devices

Selected Telemonitoring Solution Providers and Their Marketing Strategies

EU Home TeleCare and TeleHealth Research and Projects

Standard Development Organizations for e-Health

Industry Drivers and Barriers Unique to Western European Nations & Canada

Annual Spending on Tele-Home Care Solutions: Western Europe and Canada (2006-2011)

Cumulative Spending on Tele-Home Care Solutions: Western Europe and Canada (2007-2011)

Resource Book

UK’s Healthcare System Structure

UK’s Healthcare Budget Allocation

Reimbursement Ratios in France

Source of Healthcare Financing in Belgium

Types of ElderCare Facilities in Belgium

Average Costs of Long-Term Care in Canada

Distribution of Health Expenditures in the Netherlands

Distribution of Long-term Care Benefits by Types in Germany

Publish Date: 3Q 2007

Pages: 118

Authored By:
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

Authored by Harry Wang
Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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