Digital Lifestyles: 2007 Outlook

Digital Lifestyles: 2007 Outlook provides analysis and forecasts for a variety of digital lifestyle product categories, including broadband Internet, television services, digital content services (music, gaming, and video), and products (home networks and consumer electronics).

“The foundations of digital lifestyle applications and products are built on access services, including broadband Internet and television,” said Kurt Scherf, vice president and principal analyst with Parks Associates. “With the penetration of high-speed Internet exceeding 50% in 2007, we’re also witnessing shifts in the way companies are positioning their communications, entertainment, and information services as home technology solutions.”

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1.0   Digital Lifestyles: An Overview

1.1 Understanding the Digital Lifestyles Value Chain

1.2 Key Trends, Key Growth

1.2.1    Convergence in Communications

1.2.2    Fixed and Mobile Convergence: Device or Network Level

1.2.3    Enhancements to Content Delivery Networks

1.2.4    “Over-the-Top” Integrated with Standard Services

1.2.5    An Opportunity for Set-top Alternatives?

1.2.6    Micro-payments and Alternative Payment Models

1.2.7    Monitoring for Health and Peace-of-Mind Applications

1.2.8    Convergence in Local and External Storage

1.2.9    A Growing Emphasis on Search and Navigation

1.2.10  Online and Interactive Advertising to Become Even More Meaningful

1.2.11  Home Controls Aim for the Middle Market

1.2.12  The Need for Trusted “Digital Advisers”

2.0   Outlook for 2007: Key Service Trends

2.1 Broadband Services

2.1.1    Trends to Watch This Year: Broadband Services

2.2 Television Services

2.2.1    Trends to Watch This Year: Television Services

2.2.2    Global Television Operators and the Digital Lifestyle

Cable Operators

Satellite Operators

Telco TV Operators

2.3 Communications Services

2.3.1    Fixed-line Communications

2.4 Mobile Telephony

2.5 Mobile TV

3.0   Outlook for 2007: The Internet for Multimedia and Entertainment Experiences

3.1 Video

3.1.1    The Consumer Perspective

3.1.2    The Industry Perspective

Hollywood Programming

Television Programming

3.2 Digital Music

3.2.1    The Consumer Perspective

3.2.2    The Industry Perspective

3.3 Gaming

3.3.1    The Consumer Perspective

3.3.2    The Industry Perspective

4.0   Outlook for 2007: Connectivity and Platforms

4.1 Home Networks

4.1.1 Home Networking Media

Wireless Home Networking Solutions

Legacy Wi-Fi®


Ultra-wideband Solutions for WPAN Applications

Other Short-range Cable Replacement Solutions




4.1.2    Data Networks

4.1.3    Multimedia Networks

4.1.4    Entertainment Networks

The Battle for the Living Room

Platforms to Watch

Networked Set-top Boxes

Networked Televisions

Multimedia PCs

Network Storage Devices

Game Consoles

High-end Media Servers

4.2 Mobile and Portable Platforms

4.2.1    Storage Opportunities for Mobile and Portable Platforms

4.2.2    Portable Multimedia Players

5.0   Outlook for 2007: Enhancing Customer Care for the Digital Lifestyle

5.1 The Consumer Challenge in the Digital Home

5.1.1    Key Takeaways

5.1.2    More Detailed Analysis

5.2 Opportunity for Digital Home Services

5.2.1    Security Enhancements

5.2.2    Automated Diagnostics and PC Performance Enhancements

5.2.3    Storage and Backup Services

5.2.4    Remote IT Support

5.2.5    On-site Technical Support

5.2.6    Installation, Configuration and Training Services

5.2.7    Digital Home Advisor Services

5.3 Solving the Complexity of Managing the Digital Home

From Which Source was the Home Networking Equipment Acquired ?

Apple® iPod® Shipments

U.S. Mobile Phone Revenues & ARPU: 1999-2010

High-Definition Television Services: Subscription and Initiation

The Digital Lifestyles Value Chain

Household Penetration: Digital Lifestyle Products and Services

U.S. Residential Broadband Growth: By Access Technologies

Market Share of Leading Broadband Service Providers

Broadband Growth: By Access Technologies

Internet in Value-added Services

Broadband Service Provider Roadmap

Household Penetration: Digital Pay TV Services

Access and Service: Competition Breeds Innovation

Global Cable Operators: Services Strategies

Global Satellite Operators: Services Strategies

Household Penetration: Verizon FiOS TV

Global Telco Operators: Services Strategies

Home Network VoIP Clients

Household Penetration: Voice-over-IP Telephone Service

Mobile Phone Subscriber Groups

Mobile Phone Subscriber Growth

Mobile TV Subscribers

Weekly Use of the Internet for Video and Photo Activities

Weekly Use of the Internet for Music and Gaming Activities

Internet Content Revenues: U.S.

Video Habits

Monthly Expenditures for Online Video

U.S. Theatrical Box Office and DVD Revenues

Internet Video: Broadcast Network Initiatives

Music Habits

Monthly Expenditures for Online Music

Growth in Penetration : Portable Digital Music Players

U.S. Music Sales Forecast, by Format

Gaming Habits

Monthly Expenditures for Gaming

Percentages of Various Gamer Groups

Willingness to Pay for an Optimized Internet Service

Annual Ad Revenues for Online Gaming Services

Connectivity Applications Categorized

Comparison of Key Wired and Wireless Home Networking Solutions

Media Used in Home Networks

Wireless Networking ICs and Product Implementation

Pre-n Chipset Vendors and Product Features

Comparisons of 802.11n and WiMedia UWB

Market Momentum for UWB as Wireless Multimedia Backbone

Powerline Communication Silicon Vendors and Product Features

Vendors of Silicon Products for MoCA Standard

Most-Valued Applications for a Home Network

Home Networking Solutions: Telecom Operators

Home Networking Solutions: Cable Operators

Recent Trends in the Digital Media Adapter Category

Unit Sales of Digital Media Adapters

Key Factors Driving the Connected Living Room

TiVo Subscriber Growth: 2001-2006

Annual Sales/Shipments: Set-top Media Servers

Interest in Multimedia Applications

Televisions as Integrated Digital Media Adapters

Annual Sales: Multimedia PCs

Network Storage Technologies and Major Vendors

Annual Sales: NAS Platforms

Game Consoles – Sales Highlights

Types of High-end Video Servers

Annual Sales: High-end Media Servers

Unit Shipments of Consumer Electronics Hard Drives: Potable, Gaming, and DVR

Portable Multimedia Players Go Wireless

Key Home Technology Problems

Consumers and Internet Security: Quick Stats

Interest in an Online Storage Solution

Consumers and Remote IT Support: Quick Stats

Interest in Professional Technical Support for Digital Home Problems

Consumers and On-site Technical Support: Quick Stats

Consumers and New Product Purchase Support: Quick Stats

Consumers and Digital Home Advisor Services: Quick Stats

Hardware/Software Opportunities: Managing the Digital Home

Publish Date: 1Q 2007

Pages: 96

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