Digital Lifestyles: Emerging Markets

Digital Lifestyles: Emerging Markets provides a holistic view of the consumer technology product and service trends that are impacting digital living in emerging markets, including Brazil, Russia, China, and India.

The report is broken out by nation and provides a picture of the home for the connected consumer and the trends that influence consumer habits and purchase decisions.

“Technology products and services are seeing incredible growth in emerging markets such as China, India, Russia, and Brazil. Global consumer technology companies are looking to emerging markets as opportunities for future expansion. However, each of these markets is unique and offers its own challenges,” said Brett Sappington, Director of Research at Parks Associates. “Digital Lifestyles: Emerging Markets looks into each of these markets, examining the state of the industry and of the consumer home for current and future devices, services, and digital media habits.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2 Data Sources

2.0   The Connected Home in Emerging Markets

3.0   China

3.1 TV and Access Services

3.2 Consumer Electronics

3.3 Digital Media

3.4 Mobile

4.0   India

4.1 TV and Access Services

4.2 Consumer Electronics

4.3 Digital Media

4.4 Mobile

5.0   Brazil

5.1 TV and Access Services

5.2 Consumer Electronics

5.3 Digital Media

5.4 Mobile

6.0   Russia

6.1 TV and Access Services

6.2 Consumer Electronics

6.3 Digital Media

6.4 Mobile

7.0   Additional Emerging Markets

8.0   Glossary

8.1 Glossary of Terms

8.2 Index

Companies Interviewed for the Report
Broadband Penetration among Global Markets
China - Key Facts
China: Computer Ownership/Usage
China: TV-connected CE Ownership/Usage
China: Important Video Sources
China: Mobile Subscribers
China: Mobile CE Ownership/Usage
India - Key Facts
Percentage of Income Spent
Internet Activities in India
Brazil - Key Facts
Brazil: TV-connected CE Ownership/Usage
Brazil: Digital Media Activities
Brazil: Online Video Service Usage
Brazil: Mobile CE Ownership/Usage
Russia - Key Facts
Russia: Purchases of Personal Computing Devices
Additional Emerging Markets: Drivers and Inhibitors

Publish Date: 2Q 2012

Pages: 56

Authored By:
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst
Pietro Macchiarella - Research Analyst

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