Digital Lifestyles: 2006 Outlook

This report provides an overview and projections of the key digital lifestyle trends for 2006 and beyond, including services and platforms. It examines recent trends in broadband deployment, television competition, mobile telephony, digital and IP content services, home networks, and entertainment platforms.

“This year will be a watershed for delivering to consumers an array of new entertainment experiences,” said Kurt Scherf, vice president and principal analyst, Parks Associates. “Thanks to broadband proliferation and growing cooperation between content producers and other members of the digital entertainment value chain, we’ll see significant product and service announcements throughout 2006.”

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1.0 Digital Lifestyles: An Overview

2.0 Outlook for 2006: Key Service Trends
   2.1 Broadband
      2.1.1 DSL and Cable Trends
      2.1.2 Last-mile Wireless Broadband Trends
      2.1.3 Next-generation Broadband Offerings
      2.1.4 Global Forecasts
   2.2 Television
      2.2.1 The DVR and HD Programming as Competitive Differentiators
      2.2.2 On-demand Content as Competitive Differentiator
      2.2.3 Entry of the Telcos
      2.2.4 Global Forecasts
      2.2.5 Platforms, Content, and Storage Timeframe: 2009-2010
         The Set-top goes Whole-house
         Content goes Portable
         Mobile Content Complements Base Offerings
   2.3 Mobile Telephony
      2.3.1 Status of the U.S. Market
      2.3.2 The Rise of the MVNOs
      2.3.3 The Move to Embrace Multimedia Services

3.0 Outlook for 2006: Internet Content
   3.1 Drivers for 2006
      3.1.1Content Providers Move from Protecting Turf to Business Model Experimentation
      3.1.2 Stronger Links between Content and Platforms (Particularly Portable)
   3.2 Video
      3.2.1 The Movie Download Services
      3.2.2 Online Subscription and Download Services
      3.2.3 Aggregators
      3.2.4 TV-over-Internet Services
   3.3 Digital Music
   3.4 Online Gaming
      3.4.1 Emerging Market Opportunities
         Cross-platform Gaming
         Networked Online Gaming

4.0 Outlook for 2006: Connectivity and Platforms
   4.1 Connectivity
      4.1.1 Data Networks
      4.1.2 Multimedia Networks
      4.1.3 Network Storage
      4.1.4 Global Forecasts: Data Network Households
   4.2 Mobile Platforms
      4.2.1 MP3 Players
      4.2.2 Portable Multimedia Players
         Current Leading Portable Multimedia Player Devices
         How do PMP Devices Compare to Alternatives?
         Inside the Numbers
      4.2.3 Portable Game Platforms
   4.3 Living Room Platforms
      4.3.1 High-definition Displays
      4.3.2 Game Consoles
      4.3.3 Media Center/Entertainment PCs
      4.3.4 Media Servers
         What Says the Consumer?
         Form Factor Options

Quarterly New Net Additions: Cable and DSL Subscribers
Growth of Cable/DSL Residential Broadband Service
Preferred Bundled Services Provider
Wireless Broadband Trends
Major ILEC Fiber Strategies
Broadband-over-Powerline Rollouts – U.S.
Total Worldwide Household Subscribers: Broadband Internet Service
Digital Cable and Satellite TV Subscribers: U.S. Households
Preferences for Additional Video Offerings
HD-DVR STB Shipped: Motorola and Scientific-Atlanta
Percentage of Digital Cable Subscribers Using Premium VoD on a Monthly Basis
2Wire Inc. MediaPortal™
Major Global IPTV Offerings: Features and Subscribers
Major ILEC IPTV Offerings: Features and Availability
Total Worldwide Household Subscribers: IP Video Services
Whole-house DVR Solutions
Total U.S. Households: Whole-house DVR Solutions
Recent “DVR-to-Go” Announcements
Sling Media Overview: Content Mobility
Sprint-Cable MSO Joint Venture
MVNO Highlights: U.S. Market
Examples of Recent Camera Phone Handsets
Examples of Recent Music Phone Handsets
Mobile Phone Purchase Intentions
Mobile TV Services: U.S.
Examples of Mobile Phones with Video Capability
Paying Consumers to Online Content
U.S. Revenues: Online Content Services (Games, Music, Video)
TV-on-Demand: Recent Content and Service Partnerships
DLNA Promoter Companies
PlaysForSure Community
IP Video: Movie Download Services
IP Video: Online Subscription & Download Services
IP Video: Aggregator Services
IP Video: TV-over-Internet Providers
Number of Digital Music Tracks Downloaded, Globally
Paid Users to Digital Music Download/Subscription Services (2003-2005)
Number of Frequent Online Gamers in the U.S.
Where Were Wi-Fi® Components Purchased?
Network Storage/AV Server Products
Iomega® ScreenPlay™
Global Forecasts: Data Network Households
Global Shipments: Portable Digital Music Players
Comparison of Leading PMP Brands’ Product Features, Focus, and Price
Comparing PMP Substitutes and Potential Competition
Annual Shipments: PMPs (U.S. Households)
Comparison of Major Portable Game Players
The Digital TV Impact on Retailers’ Bottom Lines
Products Most-likely to be Purchased: 2006
Cumulative Worldwide Shipments of Game Consoles
Business Models and Features of Current-Generation Online Console Gaming
Top Benefits of Media Center PC
Recent Media Center/Entertainment PC Announcements
Top Media Applications for which a “Media Server” Would be Valuable
Preferred Media Server Form Factor
Strengths and Weakness of Different Media Server Platforms

Publish Date: 1Q 2006

Pages: 73

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Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
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