Digital Lifestyles: 2008 Outlook

Digital Lifestyles: 2008 Outlook provides analysis and forecasts for a variety of digital lifestyle product categories, including broadband Internet, television services, digital content services, and products (home networks and consumer electronics).

“We are rapidly approaching an ignition point for converged services and networked products,” said Kurt Scherf, vice president and principal analyst with Parks Associates. “What is particularly exciting to see as an industry observer is how content and applications are being married to access networks and made accessible on numerous devices.”

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1.0   Digital Lifestyles: An Overview

2.0   Outlook for 2008: Key Service Trends

2.1 Broadband and Communications Services

2.1.1    North America

2.1.2    Worldwide Market

2.1.3    Broadband and Communications Services: What to Watch

2.2 Television Services

2.2.1    North America

2.2.2    Worldwide Market

2.2.3    Television Services: What to Watch

3.0   Outlook for 2008: The Internet for Entertainment

3.1 Consumers and Digital Media Habits

3.2 Online Gaming

3.2.1    Consumer Habits

3.2.2    Online Gaming: What to Watch

3.3 Broadband Video

3.3.1    Consumer Habits

3.3.2    Key Takeaways from the Early Broadband Video Experiments

3.3.3    Broadband Video: What to Watch

4.0   Outlook for 2008: Connectivity and Platforms

4.1 Home Networks

4.1.1    Data Network Growth

4.1.2    Home Networks from Service Providers

4.2 Connected Consumer Electronics

4.2.1    Set-top Boxes and Alternatives

4.2.2    High-definition Televisions go Connected

4.2.3    Connected DVD Players

4.2.4    Game Consoles for Multiple Functions

4.2.5    Alternative Set-top Boxes for Video-on-Demand

4.2.6    Digital Media Adapters: Try, Try, Again

4.2.7    Networked Storage

4.2.8    Portable Multimedia Players

4.2.9    Digital Photo Frames

U.S. Residential Broadband Growth: By Access Technologies
U.S. Residential Broadband Subscribers: By Major Carrier
Market Share of U.S. Broadband Providers
Canadian Residential Broadband Subscribers
Worldwide Broadband Growth
Digital Television Subscribers: Major Service Providers
TV Households, Worldwide
Growth of TV Services
Development Path for Advanced TV Features
Interest in TV Features
Online Content Revenue: Video and Gaming
Online Gaming: Who is Paying?
Percentages of Various Gamer Groups
Digital Media Activities
Frequency in Watching Online Video
What is Being Watched Online?
Broadband Video Streams/Downloads
Broadband Households Paying for Online Video Content
Categorizing the Broadband Video Space
U.S. Households with Data Networks
Data Networking Growth Worldwide
Network Media Used for Data Connectivity
Wi-Fi Used for Home Networks
Defining the Home Networking Space
Recent Residential Gateway Models
Digital Devices in U.S. Households
Device Usage
Connected Consumer Electronics Embracing Content
North American Market Share: Cable Set-top Box Providers
Motorola and Cisco Set-top Box Shipments
Multiroom DVR Strategies
Multiroom DVR Households
Multiroom DVRs Shipped
Recent tru2way™ Demonstrations
Recent OCUR Product Demonstrations
Televisions Go Connected: Features and Services
HD Display Sales, Worldwide
High-definition DVD Player Sales, Worldwide
Game Console Sales, Worldwide
TiVo Subscribers
Alternative Set-top Boxes
Netflix and Blockbuster Online Rental Subscribers
Digital Cable Subscribers Using Premium VoD Services
Video-on-Demand Efforts from Major Service Providers
Digital Media Adapters
Home Network Device Purchases
Recent NAS Product Introductions
Leading PMP Devices
Features of the Latest PMP Models
Portable Multimedia Player Sales
Leading DPF Devices
Digital Photo Frame Sales Worldwide

Publish Date: 2Q 2008

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